Marvel's Avengers beta stats reveal about 5 million people played

(Image credit: Square Enix / Marvel)

The Marvel's Avengers beta is over and Square Enix has crunched the numbers to determine that people played a lot of Avengers.

Square Enix sent out an email to players who participated in the beta, thanking them for trying Marvel's Avengers out ahead of time and letting them know some impressive totals for the entire playerbase. Here are the quick stats from the email:

  • The Marvel's Avengers beta was collectively played for 28.5 million hours
  • More than 3.5 billion enemies were defeated
  • 240,000 players (less than 5%) maxed out a character
  • The Iron Man Chroma Lux outfit was bought 640,000 times, making it the most popular item in the marketplace

From those official stats we can also extrapolate that the beta was played by at least 4.8 million players. We don't know how many of those were pre-order customers who were allowed to participate in the closed portion of the beta, but even if most of the players only showed up for the open beta that's a whole lot of eyeballs and thumbs on the game.

Square Enix plans to host one more big War Table event before Marvel's Avengers comes out, and there's a good chance we'll get another beta recap there. We'll also get to learn about launch plans, the first post-launch story season, and a new playable hero who will be joining the game as free DLC (not Hawkeye, we already knew about him).

A recent leak seems to have concerned what everybody was already expecting about one prominent Avenger's apparent absence. 

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