Marvel's Avengers leak seemingly confirms big (and expected) Captain America twist

(Image credit: Marvel)

A new Marvel's Avengers leak has given us a better look at Captain America in action, seemingly confirming the character will be returning from the dead following his sacrifice in the game's much pubicised opening act. 

A fresh batch of images appeared on Reddit earlier this week, and shows an alive and well Cap standing next to Iron Man on the Avengers helicarrier, your homebase in the upcoming action adventure game. The images were eventually deleted, but MP1ST still has them here if you want a peek at the slightly spoilery content.

Relatedly, another newly surfaced clip on Reddit reveals that Captain America can wall run in the game, which will presumably one of his main forms of traversal as the Avengers move from objective to objective. 

I'm personally still holding out hope for the character's iconic Harley-Davidson, but we can dream. 

Cap's wall running ability! - Full video from SuperRebel's channel from r/PlayAvengers

Marvel's Avengers is scheduled to launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 4, before eventually hitting the PS5 and Xbox Series X when those next-gen consoles launch this Holiday. 

Square Enix has already confirmed two new heroes, Hawkeye and Spider-Man, will be entering the game's playable roster post-launch, though the latter will be exclusive to PlayStation systems only. 

You can read more about Marvel's Avengers via our recent interview with developers Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal here. 

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