All Spider-Man Remastered Black Cat stakeout locations

The Spider-Man Remastered Black Cat stakeout locations, each one featuring a camera that you have to use to find a hidden cat marker on a rooftop nearby, and in so doing reveal what the Black Cat has been stealing each time.

With 12 Black Cat stakeouts spread around the whole of Spider-Man Remastered, there's a lot of crime to catch up on, with Felicia Hardy clearing out hotspots all over all over New York City. Find them all and you'll get a unique Spider-Man black suit (not the Venom Symbiote), so we'll cover how to find all the Spider-Man Remastered Black Cat stakeout locations and where the cat markers are hidden below.

Middle of Greenwich

This is the first cat you’ll be finding, so head to the Stakeout location and boot up the camera. Point it to the left and you’ll see the cat by the large graffiti of Black Cat’s face, hiding inside an open door. 

West of Harlem

To find this one move the camera to the right, and zoom in on the small redbrick building with the skylights on one of the towers. Just behind it is another tower with a big picture of Black Cat’s face, with a small cat hiding in the doorway beside it.

North of Upper East Side

Move the camera down and zoom into the eastern side of the building with the blue dome, where you’ll find a big picture of Black Cat and one of her felines hiding in a door. 

North of Midtown

Like before, move your camera all the way down and zoom in onto the roof with the water tower on it. Like with most of the cats, it’s hiding in a doorway and there’s some graffiti of Black Cat on a nearby wall. 

Northeast of the Financial District

Pan the camera right and zoom in just below the massive billboard with Black Cat’s face on it, where you’ll see her little cat hiding in an open skylight. 

South of the Financial District

Look down and to your right, and on the top of the building with the blue roof you’ll find the black cat poking its head out of a skylight. Nearby is graffiti of Black Cat’s face - a bit of a narcissist, isn’t she?

North of Hell’s Kitchen

Move the camera to the south-east to street level and look out for that familiar Black Cat graffiti. In the window of the store just below it you’ll find the feline you’re seeking. 

North of Upper West Side

Look upwards, directly north, and zoom in on the rooftop of the building with the pool. Near the skylights you’ll find a black cat poking its head out of a skylight and that familiar feline graffiti. 

Southwest of Midtown

Swing the camera right and zoom in on the white building with the patio decked out with trees and a rooftop garden. There you’ll find Black Cat’s graffiti, and just below it there’s a feline hiding just behind an open door. 

North of Chinatown

Pan the camera to the north east to the roof that’s decked out in graffiti (in particular a rather big eyeball-shaped piece). In one of the pyramid-shaped skylights is the black cat you seek. 

South of Hell’s Kitchen

Move the camera north east up from the parking lot, to the area of the building that’s smothered in graffiti. There’s an area below where the black cat is hiding that’s strewn with white, with a turquoise and pink bit of graffiti to the right and a yellow tag to the left. Zoom in between these two bits of street art to find the glinting black cat. 

Southwest of Greenwich

Swing the camera to the southwest to the red brick building that’s in between two white buildings, with two trees atop of it (it’s behind the building with the blue roof). Zoom in to its roof and you’ll find the last black cat hiding in an open door. 

The Dark Suit

At the end of it all you get the Dark Suit, made lovingly by Black Cat herself. It doesn't have any suit power associated with it, but it does make you look like a sleek denizen of the night if you ask us. 

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