Marvel renumbers Wolverine #8 as Wolverine #350 in December

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Marvel's ongoing 'Dawn of X' era Wolverine title will revert to its classic legacy numbering in December to celebrate the milestone Wolverine #350. Ongoing Wolverine creative team writer Ben Percy and artists Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdanovic will deliver an oversized issue for Wolverine #350 – the eighth issue of the current volume – that brings back some of the more mysterious aspects of the Weapon X program.

"When a secret enemy starts making moves against Wolverine's old crew, Team X, Logan has to go on the hunt before more bodies pile up. As the mystery deepens, he'll pick up the scent of his old compatriot, the mutant known as Maverick," reads Marvel's official description.

"What follows will be a dangerous adventure that will introduce new enemies, redefine old allies, and give Wolverine plenty of opportunities to do what he does best," it continues. "This special extra-sized issue will be both a celebration of Logan's history and a perfect jumping-on point for new readers!"

Maverick is one of Wolverine's fellow Weapon X test subjects, a mutant born with the power to absorb kinetic energy that would otherwise harm him. Created by Jim Lee, Maverick had a brief period of popularity in the early '90s before he died of the Legacy Virus. As mutants do, he got better, returning for a while as the enigmatic Agent X.

"Listen up, bub. Wolverine is my favorite comics character, and I'd consider myself lucky to write him at any point in time, but especially now," states series writer Ben Percy.

"The Dawn of X has brought about a rich, exciting, and inarguably historic era for the X-Men. This is a milestone moment, and now we have a milestone issue to mark the occasion—Wolverine #350. That's a number to celebrate."

Percy has been writing Wolverine's solo title since it relaunched in the 'Dawn of X' era – the original Wolverine's first solo ongoing series since his death a few years ago.

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"Even as we look back and value the wealthy arsenal of stories already available to us, we can also look forward, because there's so much rotgut whiskey and berserker mayhem and pop-clawed SNIKT-ing to come," Percy continues.

"What are we doing to celebrate the occasion? We're giving you an oversized issue, offering even more action-packed, mystery-filled pages to shove in your eye, drawn by both Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdanovic."

"And appropriately, we're delivering a story that celebrates the past even as it looks toward the future."

As for how Wolverine #350 sets up what's next, Percy is tight-lipped – but teases a return to Madripoor, along with the return of Maverick.

"I'm not going to reveal too much about what's behind the curtain, but get ready for an enemy I've been geeked to write since I first got the job. Legacy House is coming. And X-fans...know that we're not only headed to Madripoor, but we're bringing back a character you've all been missing: Maverick! So as soon as the dust and blood settles after X of Swords, be sure to get your SNIKT on with Wolverine #350."

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