Marvel has Deadpool and Wolverine fever and they're counting on readers catching it too with yet another comic crossover

Weapon X-Traction promo art
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics is wasting no time capitalizing on the fervor around Deadpool & Wolverine, Deadpool's third movie and first in the MCU, by announcing their second story featuring the two heroes in recent days. Along with the previously announced Deadpool & Wolverine: WW3, Marvel has now announced Weapon X-Traction, a new story from writer Ryan North and artist Javier Garrón, who also created the promo art seen here.

Rather than getting its own limited series however, Weapon X-Tinction will run as a back-up feature across eight different Marvel titles, starting with July's Incredible Hulk #14 and continuing in seven other titles yet to be named.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"Weapon X-Traction kicks off when a weary Wolverine runs into a clingy Deadpool at a favorite watering hole," reads Marvel's official description of the story. "From this humble beginning, they embark on an epic journey of non-friendship that will carry them across the multiverse, battling zombies and gun-wielding librarians and of course one another!"

Marvel also bills Deadpool and Wolverine as "pop culture's favorite frenemies," which is increasingly true for fans who are anticipating the new film. But the comic book relationship between Deadpool and Wolverine isn't quite as deep. 

Both heroes have spent time on X-Force, and Deadpool's healing factor is based on Wolverine's own mutant ability, which was implanted in him as part of the Weapon X program which also experimented on Wolverine. So they are connected

Still, their "best frenemies" schtick is a newer development in Marvel Comics, taking off from the onscreen pairing of the heroes. Traditionally, Deadpool has spent a lot more time with Cable, a relationship that was explored in Deadpool 2.

Wolverine and Deadpool are definitely making up for lost time with Weapon X-Traction and Deadpool & Wolverine: WWIII, which will set the stage to get readers hyped for the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine movie.

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