Marvel Games head would love to make a Daredevil game

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Bill Rosemann, vice president and creative head of Marvel Games, is interested in making a game about Daredevil. 

We have voice actor Troy Baker, perhaps best known as the voice of Joel in The Last of Us, to thank for this bit of information. Baker tagged Rosemann into a Twitter thread discussing dream superhero games, and Rosemann responded with an iconic Daredevil line: "You, sir, are clearly a man without fear."

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This wasn't exactly an announcement, but of course Twitter exploded at the mere notion of a Daredevil game coming from Marvel Games, so Rosemann quickly took to his own feed to set the record straight. 

"From the office of Nelson & Murdock: While Bill greatly admires the Man Without Fear, there is no Daredevil game in development," he said in a tweet, which was playfully written as if published by the central law firm from the Daredevil universe. "Bill’s tweet to Troy Baker was an acknowledgment of their shared desire about creating said game and he apologizes for any confusion his tweet created."

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Would Rosemann love to make a Daredevil game? Yes. Would said Daredevil game send Baker into a frenzy rivaling even the most ardent fanboys and fangirls? Oh, yes. But is there any sort of Daredevil actually game in development? Sadly no. Still, the Man Without Fear could be a great pick for a Batman Arhkam-style, open-world superhero adventure, and the interest is clearly there - especially after the success of the Daredevil TV series - so never say never. 

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