Marvel at the future

The rumours have been rife for a while but it’s now a fact – Jon Favreau has signed to develop Iron Man for Marvel Studios.

The Fav will work on a script with Matthew Holloway and Arthur Marcum – the guys behind the typewriter for James Spader thriller Shadow Of Fear.

Favreau will use Iron Man to plug the hole left in his schedule after Paramount pulled production on John Carter Of Mars. The studio are instead putting their weight behind the latest Star Trek adventure with M:I:III helmer JJ Abrams.

The Elf director’s commitment was among a whole raft of announcements made through the Hollywood Reporter and Variety over the last few days.

A Captain America project is in the works, currently being scribbled by Road To Perdition writer David Self. Meanwhile, a Nick Fury adaptation is in the hands of Air Force One key-stroker Andrew Marlow.

Finally, Shaun Of The Dead director and co-writer Edgar Wright has signed on to pen Ant Man with his scripting buddy Joe Cornish. Wright and Big Talk Productions partner Nira Park will also hold the purse strings.

No prize for guessing which one we’re looking forward to the most…

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