Mark Romanek to direct Wolfman...

One Hour Photo helmer Mark Romanek has been tasked with bringing the long-gestating Wolfman remake starring Benicio Del Toro to your local cinema.

The film, set in Victorian England, with Del Toro playing the unfortunate yank bitten by a lycanthrope on a trip to Blighty, has been sitting on the shelf for bloomin’ ages now, so it’s heartening to see a bit of movement.

But Romanek hasn’t done much else since turning Robin Williams into a weird stalker, aside from a handful of music videos, so it’s an interesting choice. Still, producer Scott Stuber believes he’s found his man.

“Mark has a great love and knowledge of film,” Stuber said. “He's a great and authentic storyteller. He looks for the truth in the characters, the scenes and in the set design. It's going to be exciting to see what he brings to the horror genre.”

The film will begin shooting in the autumn.