Mark Millar's "favourite character I've created" gets a new series from Dark Horse

Art from Night Club 2
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Mark Millar's long-running Millarworld line moved from Image to Dark Horse Comics at the end of 2023. Since then, we've been promised a host of new series to come in 2024. Nemesis: Rogues' Gallery is first out of the gate in July and now we know two of the comics that will follow it up in August: Prodigy: Slaves of Mars and Night Club 2.

"We kicked this range of Dark Horse books off with Nemesis: Rogues' Gallery and now we're ramping up a gear with TWO big launches this month," Millar explained in a statement. "Prodigy is my favorite character I've ever created. A combo of Sherlock Holmes, Bruce Wayne and Indiana Jones just lets me tell a million different stories and we're all really excited about this one. The first Night Club series went down great last year and I'm keen to see what people make of the sequel. The whole run of books from Dark Horse is something we think is really special and it’s off to a great start."

Let's take a look at those books in a little more detail.

Prodigy: Slaves of Mars

Prodigy: Slaves of Mars is described as an "action-filled story of the smartest man in any room" as the multi-talented genius Edison Crane investigates the murder of his father, who has uncovered "the world's greatest secret" and links to a top secret space program at NASA. The series is written by Millar and drawn by Stefano Landini. You can check out the main cover by Landini and a black and white variant in the gallery above. Prodigy: Slaves of Mars #1 publishes on August 7.

Night Club 2

Night Club 2 picks up the story of Danny Garcia, a high school kid who, when bitten by a vampire, decides to use his new powers to become a superhero. The second series sees dissent in the ranks of his budding super-team, however, as Sam and Danny fall out over their mutual love, Amy. The series is written by Millar, drawn by Juanan Ramirez, and colored by Fabiana Mascolo. You can see Ramirez's cover, as well as a black and white variant, plus a variant by Jae Lee and colorist June Chung above. Night Club 2 #1 publishes on August 21. 

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