Mark Millar's Millarworld imprint moves publishers to Dark Horse Comics in 2024

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After more than a decade working with Image Comics, Mark Millar's Millarworld imprint is moving to a new home. Dark Horse will be picking up the full portfolio of Millarworld titles including the likes of Nemesis, Huck, The Ambassadors, and The Magic Order, starting in 2024.

Mark Millar announced the news on his Twitter account earlier today, saying, "HUGE news! I'm moving the entire Millarworld/Netflix catalogue over to our friends at @DarkHorseComics. That's over 20 franchises & 40 graphic novels plus the FIVE NEW SERIES we're launching in 2024 and a slew of hardcover OMNIBUS EDITIONS. Stay tuned! :)"

He followed this up by stating that there will be a teaser before Christmas, with the full details to follow on March 21.

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Millarworld is the shared universe created by the writer to encompass his huge number of creator-owned characters and projects. It was sold to Netflix in 2017, and the streaming giant has since produced TV shows of several properties including Jupiter's Legacy.

In answer to a fan question about whether this meant that Netflix has parted ways with the imprint, Millar clarified, "No, I work as an executive at Netflix and they own Millarworld entirely. The artists and I sold them the company in 2017. They own it like Disney owns Marvel. We're just publishing through Dark Horse now and have MEGA plans!!"

2023 marks the 20th anniversary of Millarworld, something that the imprint celebrated earlier this year with Big Game - an epic crossover that brought together more than 20 different characters, including Nemesis, Kick-Ass, Superior, Huck, and more. That reached its conclusion with #5 in November, and a collected trade paperback of the series will be published through Image on December 20.

Mark Millar and Frank Quitely discuss globe-trotting sci-fi adventure The Ambassadors in our interview here.

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