Mario Galaxy info supernova

Aug 21, 2007

Break out the party poppers, Mario fans, because the Fire Flower and Super Star items from the classic days of 2D Mario are set to return in Super Mario Galaxy.

This will be the first time Mario will shoot fireballs since his console quests went 3D, and hopefully we'll see him donning his fly red and white Fireball Mario suit, too.

Details on the mysterious plot have also finally emerged; Princess Peach, Mario and the gang were gathering to celebrate the passing of a comet, which happens once every hundred years, when Bowser gatecrashes the party and kicks off.

Princess Peach is kidnapped, typically, and despite his best efforts to save the day, Mario ends up unconscious and wakes to find himself on a mysterious meteor in space, which is where he meets Rosetta, the princess-looking lass who asks him for help.

And so begins his huge adventure which, according to the latest issue of Nintendo Power magazine, will take him through 40 galaxies (levels) set in six main zones. Concerns over the games size are now officially abolished.

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