Manhunt 2 game leaked on to the Internet

07 Sept 07

GamesRadar has learned that Rockstar Game's Manhunt 2 has been leaked onto the Internet. Rockstar Games in the UK are yet to make a comment on the situation.

Gamers may remember in October 2004 pirated Halo 2 code was leaked onto the Internet via newsgroups almost a month before it appeared in shops.

However, the situation is particularly worrying for Rockstar Games as Manhunt 2 is currently not rated for sale in the UK.

Furthermore, despite the downloading and playing of leaked code of this typebeing beyond the capability of many gamers, it could have an effect on possible sales in the US (where the Manhunt 2 has been granted an M for mature rating) and in the UK should the BBFC decide to recertificate the game.

We'll have more when Rockstar Games has issued a statement.