Maneater devs aware of save-eating bug and overheating issues

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Maneater may have just swam onto PC and consoles, but there's been some rough water plaguing its launch. Tripwire took to the forums to let players know it's aware of some major bugs, and that a hotfix is on its way.  

One of the major problems is an Xbox One X overheating issue, where players get a message warning them that their console is overheating. Some players get no warning at all - their consoles just shut down. Tripwire reports that the devs are "working with Microsoft to address this issue." Some PS4 players have reported the same issue, and Tripwire is investigating. 

There's also the not-so-minor bug resulting in the loss of progress or saves - which is sort of like struggling to swim against a rip current. Just when you think you've made some progress, you're pulled back again. According to Tripwire, devs are "tracking the issue and have had some success in replicating it" and identifying "the primary culprits of this issue impacting players, but we are continuing to investigate other potential causes as well." Tripwire suggests you do the following to avoid a loss of progress or save game:

  • Do not play with a controller that can disconnect or lose power
  • Do not put your console into sleep/rest mode during your play session. 

Tripwire also points out that it looks like the most common causes of progress loss/save game issues is crashing after or during a story mission or cut scene. If this does happen to you, the recommended course of action is to create a local or networked backup of a recent save file to return to. Think ahead, basically.

Players across all platforms have also reported some issues with progression itself, specifically not being able to 100% the Queen of the Ocean mission due to certain landmarks not counting  towards completion. The devs believe they've found two causes for this specific bug, which are centered around the game not recognizing collectibles have been found, either because it's near a region boundary or because players die shortly after gathering it. 

Tripwire seems to be thoroughly investigating all of the reported issues, and promises a hotfix later in the week or early next week. Maneater is a helluva game, and should be enjoyed unfettered from bug issues. Glad to see the team is on it like a shark on chum.

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