Madden 16 trailer is weird enough to love, even if you hate football

Madden NFL is a game series often derided by non-fans as being the same game released every year. Rather than fight such negativity directly, EA has put together the most hype-iest of hype trailers that sends up every action movie and macho stereotype. And it. Is. Hilarious.

Mullets and mustaches, sexy cars, ninjas, explosions ... I'd say the only thing missing is football, but I counted roughly 14 seconds of gameplay in those four-and-a-half minutes, so I think that counts. And that's not a knock against it - with plenty of other trailers showcasing the game's new features, it's nice to take a break and enjoy an absurd video where McLovin' dances in Indian garb before his buddy Rob Gronkowsi fires footballs from a back-mounted bazooka at ninjas on motorcycles.

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