LucasArts talks LEGO PS3, Wii, 360 and DS

Traveller's Tales' series of LEGO Star Wars game are great. We should all agree on that. And the series is set to explode like the Death Star across all major platforms. A release date has yet to be revealed though, but you've got to think that the run-up to Christmas is a good bet.

PS3 and 360 versions will feature online co-op and the Wii and DS versions are said to take full advantage of their unique control systems.

Jim Ward, president of LucasArts, said, "We're proud of the phenomenal success of LEGO Star Wars II and how it delivered all the fun, humor and action of the original trilogy to the entire family. Now, with The Complete Saga, we're excited to finally offer the entire saga playable in one package for the first time ever."

Right, can we now have a LEGO version of the Indiana Jones series please? We already know you're working on LEGO Batman...

May 25, 2007