Lost Will Not Have All The Answers

"What we can tell you is that all of the character resolutions will be very defined,” says Lost producer Damon Lindelof in an exclusive interview in the new issue of SFX about the final season of the show. But he’s not so sure viewers are going to satisfied some of the explanations about some of the show’s more outlandish mysteries: “This show is not about the Island,” he says.

He goes on to say, "There are certain questions I'm very befuddled by, like, 'What is the Island?' or 'What do the numbers mean?' We're going to be explaining significantly more about the numbers, but what is a potential answer to, 'What do the numbers mean?' I feel like you have to be very careful about entering into midi-chlorian territory. I grew up on Star Wars, I've seen the Star Wars movies hundreds of times, I can recite them chapter and verse, and never once did it occur to me to ask, 'What is the Force, exactly? Can you explain that for me, better than Alec Guinness did?' I can understand fans asking, 'Who is Jacob?' OK, yes, we've been talking to this guy named Jacob, so that will be answered, but 'What is the Island?' It is a place. I can't explain to you why it moves through space-time, it just does. You have to accept that. So we intend to answer big questions, but in terms of the Island itself, there will be questions left unanswered after the show ends.”

For more of this in-depth, extensive interview, pick up the new issue of SFX, (#192) on sale Wednesday 13 January.

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