Lost Planet - special multiplayer demo

Above: TheDilapidation map, unlocked by preordering a retail copy of Lost Planet.

Plus, with fewer locations to hide and fewer mechanized warriors to find, the action on Dilapidation is an altogether separate breedfrom that on Pirate Fortress. Matches can be more frenzied... they also tend to be more balanced. You may be surrounded by a swarm of contestants that want to obliterate you, but at least none of them are packing missile launchers. (Though if you do want to tip the combat scales in your favor, we'd recommend going for a swim. It's cold but it's worth it.)

In the end, both multiplayer maps are worth checking out. One's free, however, and the other's not. Dilapidation isn't worth payingextra moneyfor, but if you're going to get the game anyway, you might want to preorder it now to unlock the second map.

If words aren't enough to convince you one way or the other, try watching our custom multiplayer videos. You'll find one labeled "Pirate Fortress" and one labeled "Dilapidation" under the Movies tab above.