Lost Planet exclusive multiplayer extras

The Collector's Edition of Capcom's chilly alien blast-fest, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, will give access to an exclusive multiplayer map that gamers whospring for the regular purchase won't be able to play until it's released as a free download next summer. Released alongside the standard gamein January 2007, the special pack will also come bundled with a pretty book o' concept art, videos, music and a heap of digital artwork.

When we last had our mittens on this zero-degree shooter fora multiplayer session,the gameplay hadcertainly kindled our competitive fires, and the promise of 16-player ice-world mash-ups is enough to keep our interest in Lost Planet hot like buns until the winter launch next year. Expect to see more from Lost Planet soon and in the meantime, click the Movies tab for more alien action.

November 6, 2006