Lost in Blue Cheats

Lost in Blue Hints

  • DS | Submitted by michellepwns=]

    Feathers and Eggs

    To find feathers and eggs:

    In the grasslands, far west is a little section with a tree, behind the tree is a rock cliff; climb down.

    When you reach the bottom turn left and you'll see more cliffs. Climb down and push the log down. Then more cliffs. Climb up. Switch to map view and you'll see trees, 3 of them hold eggs, 2 of them hold feathers 1 of them holds twigs and sticks.

    Once your done collecting walk over to the edge on the left side and you can see another log. Climb down. Push it off.

  • DS | Submitted by Dsmaster

    Secret Beach


    Wait till low tide, then go to where you find the 1st bamboo and go down and your person will take over if your doing it right. Then go up the steps and there will be a lot of bamboo, but make sure you go fast or else the tide will come in and you will be trapped until the tide goes back out.

  • DS | Submitted by michellepwnz=]

    Tide, Scallops and Bamboo - Whooo!

    On the far side of the island, next to where you find the bamboo, Keith will tell you that he can only go over there when the tide is low.

    The tide becomes low at around 8:45 am/pm, but the tide is high again at around 9:00 am/pm.

    On that side of the island is many bamboo sticks, bamboo shoots, and scallop.

    ** If you wanted to collect every item on that side of the island it takes about 2 minutes (or 2 hours- Lost in Blue time). To prepare for this you might want to bring along a water bottle, some food (coconuts, carrots, potatos- nothing that you need to cook) BUT LEAVE ROOM FOR PICKING UP SCALLOPS AND BAMBOO, and make sure you have a filled hunger and strength.

    ** If you go in the morning you can be home at around 9:00 - 10:00 and you have time to eat some cooked food.

  • DS | Submitted by clevercat

    Animal Death

    If you catch a goat and it dies, Skye will wake up before Kieth and he will automatically ask her what's wrong. She will tell him about the goat and you will have to comfort her. If you do it right, she will feel better and she will not mention it again.

  • DS | Submitted by Mario666

    The Best Mushroom

    When Keith or Skye is really hungry and you are far away from home, the best mushroom to eat is the orange one. The side effect is drowsiness.

  • DS | Submitted by rasp76

    Tools & Weapons

    Fire Maker: The first way to create fire
    Ingredients: Tree Bark, Twig
    Fire Maker w/ Bow: The superior Fire Maker
    Ingredients: Tree Bark, Twig, Bow
    Fishing Rod 1: The bizzity-best fishing rod you can make.
    Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Vine, Sharpened Bone
    Fishing Rod 2: Now that's a fishing rod.
    Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Vine, Sharpened Stone
    Fishing Rod 3: Here fishy, fishy...
    Ingredients: Stick, Vine, Sharpened Bone
    Fishing Rod 4: The standard fishing rod, allowing you to fish easily
    Ingredients: Stick, Tree Vine, Sharpened Stone
    Bow 1: Allows you to hunt animals
    Ingredients: Stick, Tree Vine
    Bow 2: We can build a better bow. We have the technology!
    Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Vine
    Arrow 1: Durable but inaccurate arrows
    Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Sharpened Stone
    Arrow 2: Arrows that go where you want them to
    Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Sharpened Stone, Feather
    Arrow 3: The best inaccurate arrows you can make... Wait, why?
    Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Sharpened Bone
    Arrow 4: The finest arrows this side of the Mississippi
    Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Sharpened Bone, Feather
    Arrow 5: Inaccurate arrows. Create them only for your scrapbook.
    Ingredients: Twig, Sharpened Stone
    Arrow 6: Better arrows for beginners
    Ingredients: Twig, Sharpened Stone, Feather
    Arrow 7: Not gonna fly so well without the feather.
    Ingredients: Twig, Sharpened Bone
    Arrow 8: Fast, sexy, dangerous...
    Ingredients: Twig, Sharpened Bone, Feather
    Spear 1: Durable bamboo spear for spear fishing.
    Ingredients: Green Bamboo
    Spear 2: You could put your eye out with that thing!
    Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Sharpened Stone
    Spear 3: Spears don't get any better than this, let me tell you.
    Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Sharpened Bone
    Spear 4: The easiest spear to make (Use for spear fishing)
    Ingredients: Stick
    Spear 5: More durable spear.
    Ingredients: Stick, Sharpened Stone
    Spear 6: Fish hate being speared by bones.
    Ingredients: Stick, Sharpened Bone
    Small Trap: Trap and kill small animals.
    Ingredients: Basket, Twig
    Large Trap: Trap a large animal so you can kill or domesticate it.
    Ingredients: Stick, Tree Vine
    Fish Trap: Largely useless way to catch fish.
    Ingredients: Basket, Tree Vine
    Torch 1: Lights up the night (Not a flashlight, Brits!)
    Ingredients: Stick, Lard
    Torch 2: Longer-lasting, bigger-blasting
    Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Lard
    Sharpened Stone: Necessary for making many items
    Ingredients: Stone
    Sharpened Bone: Slightly better for items than Sharpened Stones
    Ingredients: Large Bone
    Rope: Created by Skye
    Ingredients: Tree Vine
    Basket: Created by Skye
    Ingredients: Green Bamboo

  • DS | Submitted by fargrav

    Killing Critters

    Here is a hint. When you are in the grasslands and have your bow and arrow you have to trap the goat and deer before you shoot them. Don't waste your arrows. When not trapped they run away.

  • DS | Submitted by Bodobodot

    Play as Skye

    To play as Skye, beat the game as Keith. When playing as Skye, you get to take part in a cooking mini-game.

  • DS | Submitted by Dylan


    On certain nights Skye will say she couldnt sleep, when she does so, she will ask a number of questions and on all of these you should pick the answer that makes her the most comfortable, she will end up liking you more if you do so. you can also take her to the hotsprings when you cross the lake and an event will happen.

  • DS | Submitted by werewolf

    How to Make Fire

    If your just starting this is good to know. If your not then don't read on. When you searching the island, try picking up some twigs and bark. Then put up the area map (press R twice) and on the left you'll see an indent in the wall. It's a cave. Go in and use your twigs and bark together to make a fire maker tool. (press x then select tool and use the two together.) and press on it once its on the ground. Repetitively press L then R till the bar on you right is full. After that it'll say "blow" you blow into the mic on your DS until the next part of the bar is full. You then have a fire.

  • DS | Submitted by guidebookguy

    How to Start

    At the absolute beginning of the game, pick up only the coconuts you find on the beach. They may not fill you up much, but they'll do. Anything else on the beach needs to be cooked and you can't do that yet. The mushrooms you can find make you very sick. continue on eating only coconuts until you can cook. Once you can, collect the seaweed and shells that wash up on shore and cook them. Later on in the game, things are easier, you can get fish, animals, fruit, vegetables, and also supplies to make your "home" more comfortable.