Looks like the PS5 is being sent to media outlets

(Image credit: Sony)

We now have our first look at the PS5's retail packaging in the wild.

In the tweet below, Giant Bomb co-host Jeff Bakalar shares a look at the PS5's retail packaging. This marks the first time that we've seen either a member of the public or press with a PS5, and it could indicate that Sony is beginning to send out the console to media outlets. 

It's not the first time we have seen the PS5 out in the wild, with two celebrities also showing off their access. Rapper Travis Scott was the first person to show themselves using a DualSense controller with the PS5, and just earlier this week soccer star Robert Lewandowski also appeared to show off a DualSense controller on his Instagram page. 

While they didn't show off the console in those snaps, we're assuming they didn't just get sent a controller and pretended to be playing for the 'gram... 

Previously, we’ve seen retail packaging for the Xbox Series X in the wild. The retail units of Microsoft’s premium next-gen console have been showing up at warehouses around the world ahead of the launch, which is next month on November 10.

Up until now, we’ve only seen retail packaging for the PS5’s accessories in the wild. Over the last two weeks, packaging for the DualSense controller, the Dualsense’s charging station, and the PS5 pulse 3D headset have all been showing up in various warehouses around the world. In fact, it was recently revealed by retailers that PS5 accessories will begin shipping before the actual console itself, in late October.

If you’re still looking to put down a pre-order for your own PS5 unit before launch next month on November 12, head over to our PS5 pre-orders guide for a complete list of retailers with current stock. We've also started rounding up the best PS5 headsets.

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