Look - it's a new Halo Wars screen

In a trickling update on its official website, RTS veteran Ensemble has released a new Halo Wars image, but don't get too excited; it's only more concept art.

But while it's not in-game, the pic does reveal a new vehicle that will likely crop up as a controllable unit in Wars; a sort of Command & Conquer Orca with a big laser gun on the bottom.

Going by the swarming, wasp-like appearance of the 'copter and lack of Unreal Tournament -style Redeemer launchers, we're guessing that this is some sort of scouting unit available early in the game - though that's just our educated guess.

Actual gameplay details on Halo Wars have been scarce since the game was unveiled last year, though an assortment of random MS execs apparently had a good time during recent internal playtests, where a "fairly polished" version of the 360 RTS was up and running at Ensemble.

March 12, 2007