Look Inside Comic Heroes Magazine Issue 19!

It's a total X-Men overload in the brand new issue of SFX's sister title dedicated to the comics scene...

Your complete guide to those awesome X-Men plus stacks of new interviews, 52 pages of free comic samples and more!

The full Comic Heroes 19 package

Issue 19 and all its gifts, snapped by reader John Hammond . Click to see the wallet in a new window .

The X-Men are back in the latest issue of Comic Heroes , SFX 's sister title and marvellous mutant mag. On shelves from Thursday 20 June until Monday 19 August , it's your window onto the contemporary comics scene as well as the events, games and films they inspire

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Your 116-page full-colour comics-stuffed magazine doesn't ride the cosmic tides alone, oh no. This month’s printed pleasure pack brings along for the ride four badges based on Pat Mills characters, a double-sided DC poster and a bumper 52-page Sidekick comic taster (featuring Star Trek , HP Lovecraft and other comics samples, Sidekick this month also contains a complete Gorgo comic by Steve Ditko). Digital edition readers don't get the badges or poster, alas, but you do get all the comic pages. Huzzah!

It's your ultimate guide to X-Men! With tons of features, including the craziest X-facts, their toughest foes and their grandest battles.

He's bringing Angela to Marvel, so we grab an interview with the rock star wordsmith about his comics plans.

"I want it to be a worthy next chapter in the story." Meet horror film writer Joe Harris - he's bringing back canon X-Files , in comic form.

From "Secret Wars" and "Crisis On Infinite Earths" to "Age Of Ultron", welcome to Comic Heroes ' massive celebration of the greatest crossover events ever!

The son of Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft takes time out from the zombie apocalypse for an exclusive Q&A. Yep, Max Brooks (the genius behind World War Z ) speaks his brains about his comics work including The Extinction Parade and Harlem Hellfighters .

Brace yourself for our huge review section including round-ups of the latest from DC, Marvel, Image and more.

In your 52-page comic sampler Sidekick (free with both print and digital editions) you can read pages from IDW and SelfMadeHero, including John Byrne's Star Trek and The Shadow Out Of Time based on HP Lovecraft's work. But the centrepiece is a complete monster story by legendary artist Steve Ditko.

Simone Bianchi, Larry Lieber, Drowntown , Howard Chaykin, Bill Sienkiewicz, 2000 AD , manga, Fantastic Four , James Lovegrove, Infinity , Superman and Spider-Man and loads more...

All this plus four badges and a double-sided DC poster (if you buy the print version) and 50 pages of new comic samples sponsored by SelfMadeHero! The wait is over - fly to the newsagent at once.

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