Loki episode 2 Easter egg has a surprising link to Thanos

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Warning: Major spoilers ahead for the events of Loki episode 2! Turn back now if you're not caught up with the series on Disney Plus!

Loki episode 2 shook up the MCU with the debut of Lady Loki – who may or may not be Sylvie, AKA Enchantress. At the end of the episode, she sets loose a bunch of reset charges to various points in history, which fractures the Sacred Timeline.

Interestingly, though, one of these locations is very significant to the MCU. A reset charge gets sent to Titan, which is Thanos' home planet. The charge arrives in 1982, so long before the events of Infinity War or Endgame, but by creating a branch timeline, it's possible that Lady Loki just saved an alternate universe from the Blip.

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Thanos was motivated to wipe out half of all life in the universe by what happened to his home planet. Though we don't know what exactly went down on Titan, it's revealed that the world is pretty much destroyed by the time Infinity War takes place. Thanos' solution when Titan was in trouble was to kill half of the universe's population to ensure all remaining inhabitants had enough resources to survive – but he was shunned for his views.

If Lady Loki's meddling prevents whatever apocalyptic events went down on Titan, then it's possible that in a branch reality, Thanos never set out to obtain the Infinity Stones and kill half the universe. It's established in Endgame that time travel in the MCU can't change the past: instead, alternate realities, like those seen shooting off from the Sacred Timeline, are created. That means no matter what Lady Loki's intervention on Titan does – if it does anything at all –  the events of Infinity War and Endgame will remain unaffected.

Another reference to the Infinity Stones was also tucked into the episode. One of the charges goes to Vormir. This is the planet the Soul Stone resides on – in Infinity War, Gamora was killed by Thanos to obtain the Stone, and in Endgame, Black Widow sacrificed herself for it. The timestamp reads 2301, so far in the future from either of those events, but it's still an interesting link to two of the MCU's most heartbreaking moments. 

If you look closely, you'll also notice charges being sent to 1382 Ego (that's the planet that's also Star-Lord's dad, introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy 2), 0051 Hala (the Kree homeworld seen in Captain Marvel), 1001 Xandar (seen at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy), 2004 Asgard, and 1984 Sakaar (introduced in Thor: Ragnarok). It's looking like Lady Loki might just have created the multiverse, then.

Loki continues on Disney Plus weekly, and you can see our Loki release schedule for exactly when the next episode drops. In the meantime, check out everything we know about Marvel Phase 4 so far – and find the best Disney Plus prices and deals right here.

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