Loki episode 2 ending explained: how the final scene turns the Disney Plus show on its head

Loki episode 2 ending
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The Loki episode 2 ending marks a definitive shift in the Disney Plus show. Not only has a villain been revealed – the identity of which is very much TBC, as you’ll soon find out – but a major plan has been set into motion that could have serious aftershocks in the MCU-at-large.

If you’re still reeling from the final scene, completely transfixed by the cliffhanger, or just want the lay of the land before Loki’s next episode – here’s our guide to the Loki episode 2 ending: why it matters, what it all means, and how important it could be for Marvel’s future.

Major spoilers for Loki episode 2 (and possibly beyond) follow. You have been warned!

Who is Lady Loki?

Lady Loki

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The identity of the Loki ‘Variant’ has been revealed. Maybe.

At the end of the episode, the hooded figure who had been possessing people and running amok everywhere from 1980s renaissance fairs to the not-too-distant future was finally unmasked: a blonde woman, played by Sophia Di Martino, is seen with a familiar looking horned helmet and cloak.

This could be Lady Loki, a character from the comics who – in the pages of Marvel’s works – is actually Loki inhabiting a woman’s body. This variation on Disney Plus is an entirely new character and could be hinting at a multiverse of characters all similar by nature but unique in their own way.

It would certainly line up with the different ‘type’ of Loki that has been causing chaos. Earlier in the episode, we caught a glimpse of other different Lokis, from a Troll Loki to what looks to be a Loki as a professional cyclist. Is Lady Loki just another ‘flavor’ of Loki that’s been running around?

Maybe not. **Potential spoilers for future episodes** The end credits have revealed that Sophia Di Martino’s character is actually called "Sylvie" – which could be a reference to comic character Sylvie Lushton, AKA The Enchantress. If that’s the case, that would mean there might still be another Loki Variant out there causing mischief and using Sylvie as a means to an end.

Lady Loki’s powers: is she possessing people?

Loki episode 2 ending

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Throughout the episode, Lady Loki (we’ll keep calling her that until we officially hear otherwise in the show) is seen possessing people Scarlet Witch-style with just a touch of the hands. Everyone from Hunter C-20 to Randy the Roxxcart clerk fell victim to being possessed by Lady Loki, hinting that her magic is at the very least close to the power levels of a Loki, Scarlet Witch, or Agatha Harkness.

When coupled with her possible Enchantress origins, there’s every chance that Lady Loki will be pulling out every (literal) trick in the book to stay one step ahead of the TVA. Possession might just be one aspect of her skillset. Expect the likes of illusion, enchantment, and more mind control to come.

Lady Loki’s plan: timeline bombs and Reset Charges

Loki episode 2 ending

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Lady Loki already has one trick. In episode 2’s final moments, her first grand scheme starts rolling: a series of Reset Charges are placed around Roxxcon’s store floor and filled with some sort of swirling purple energy. Then, they are each put through a portal.

So, what happened? For the moment, the specifics are unclear but the general consensus is Lady Loki’s plan is designed to cause as much chaos as possible and to throw the Time Keepers’ vision into disarray. Loki, of course, values chaos over order.

By putting Reset Charges into different periods in history, it appears to cause havoc with the main ‘Sacred Timeline’. Events that were supposed to have happened now may not have done or will occur slightly differently. After all, Reset Charges from 2050 helping to reset some things in the distant past is something that is surely not meant to occur on the main timeline. Either that, or the Reset Charges have been reverse-engineered to un-reset the splintered timelines before it. We'll have to wait until next week to find out the sepcifics.

What is happening to the Sacred Timeline?

Loki episode 2 ending

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This could all, in turn, lead to some multiverse-based shenanigans. The motivations and the exact specifics of Lady Loki’s Reset Charge-based plan may not be obvious, but the end result is. The Sacred Timeline is seen branching off back at TVA HQ. Several Nexus Events are taking place from locations on Earth and even further afield on planets such as Thanos' homeworld of Titan, which means that Variants could be running around in different versions of the timeline without being brought to heel by the TVA.

In effect, that’s very, very bad news. We’ll wait to see what the end result is, but this could be the start of blurring the lines between universes and alternate timelines, as well as properly introducing the concept of the multiverse into the MCU.

Why did Loki follow Lady Loki?

Loki episode 2 ending

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Honestly? It’s just Loki being Loki. Mostly, though, curiosity is getting the better of the God of Mischief. After finding out about the events of Thor: Ragnarok, Loki has turned from trickster into somewhat of a team member. Our Loki, for sure, has his own motives, but getting to the heart of the mystery is probably at the forefront of his mind right now. Where they’re heading to is another matter – and something we’ll find out about in the third episode.

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