Disney Plus may have accidentally leaked a major Loki spoiler

Loki Enchantress Sylvie
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Loki has just introduced a major new character. We’re all wondering the same thing: who is the mystery figure and what is their name? Helpfully, Disney Plus may have spilled the beans themselves (again) in the end credits for Loki episode 2. Oops.

Major spoilers for Loki follow. You have been warned!

After Loki heads to the 2050s with the TVA, he soon encounters what appears to be the Loki “variant” he’s been chasing at Roxxcart. A woman with Loki-style horned helmet and a familiar swagger causes all manner of temporal destruction before fleeing through a Time Door and ‘our’ Loki follows suit. Quite a cliffhanger – one that demands answers. Namely, the identity of the variant.

While most viewers are likely presuming the character to be Lady Loki, if you stick around for the Spanish credits this week, you’ll notice – ironically – a variant in how the characters are listed. While Sophia Di Martino’s character is listed merely as "The Variant" in the English credits, the Spanish dub reveals she’s actually called "Sylvie".

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For some Marvel fans, that’s not just a random name plucked out of thin air. It could even be the key to unlocking one of the show’s first mysteries.

That’s because Sylvie is likely Sylvie Lushton, a relatively new character from the comics where she's a young girl given powers by Loki before later taking on the mantle of magic user Enchantress.

Lady Loki Enchantress

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Marvel has a fair track record of misleading – including adding fake scenes to trailers. Leading us to believe we’ve caught up to the Loki causing all the trouble, but instead pulling the rug from underneath us with another reveal would certainly be a good way of keeping the show one step ahead from its viewers. It would also imply that another bigger, badder Loki may have created her and is pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

The introduction of Enchantress could also bolster the roster of magic users in the MCU. With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (which is also set to feature Scarlet Witch) coming up and several branching timelines spiralling out of control by the episode’s end, Marvel may have introduced a major new villain – just not the one we were expecting.

For more on the series, check out our interview with head writer Michael Waldron as well as what could be a surprise cameo in the MCU show’s premiere. Then, take a look ahead to next week’s episode with our Loki release schedule.

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