Locke and Key showrunner talks the Netflix show's return for season 2

Locke & Key season 2
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Locke & Key, Netflix's supernatural mystery series, is soon returning for season 2. But what's in store for the Locke family this time around?

"The first season was largely telling the story of the Lockes discovering what happened 25 years ago and what their father did, and how that's connected to why this demon Dodge is terrorizing them now," showrunner Meredith Averill tells SFX magazine. "But going into season two, they are learning they still have a lot of wrongs from the past that they need to set right again, things that happened with their father when he was their age, and that there were things that happened centuries before that need to be righted. It's all on them now. They are feeling this tremendous weight of that responsibility. We will get to see how they succeed and how they fail to right those wrongs."

When Locke & Key returns, months have passed. The Lockes are preparing to go back to school. Everything appears to be normal again... except that Kinsey has been hanging out with her boyfriend Gabe all summer, oblivious that he is actually Dodge. 

"For the audience, there is great tension that will play between them," Averill says. "She and the rest of the Lockes have been unaware that the demon they believe that they vanquished has actually been under their nose this whole time. We will be wondering when and how they might figure it out, and how much damage might be done before they do." 

Dodge previously plotted and schemed to obtain the oldest key in existence, the Omega Key, which would allow her to open the Black Door and bring Hell to Earth. Let's be clear: accumulating power remains her ultimate goal. But, in the form of Gabe, she's playing it slow and shifting priorities.

"Dodge wants to rule that world," says Averill. "She never wants to answer to anyone else. Dodge is sick of having to deal with the Lockes and trying to gather up their keys. We will discover by the end of the first episode that Dodge's plan is to make her own key. We play a little bit of a mystery with what Dodge intends for that key to do. That's their main agenda. Eden is helping him to try and do that."

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