21 little things that annoy us about Steam sales

Summer is officially here. It's not the singing birds in the trees that's alerted us to the fact, nor the blistering heat, nor even the fact that at last the chime of the ice-cream truck is like a beacon of hope. No, it's the fact that the Steam Summer Sale has begun. Ignore that wailing coming from your bank account, as you've probably already delved into the bargains on offer. Yet despite the dizzying amount of money this wondrous time of the year will save you, there are a few things that we can't quite see past when it comes to Steam sales. Try telling us that not one of these has ever annoyed you before. 

Being incredibly excited to buy a game before discovering that you already own (and installed) it

Remembering that you did the same thing, with the same game, during the last Steam sale

Realizing you now own more games than any normal human being can play in a single lifetime

When you get faked out because the price reduction isn't actually displaying (and yes, this pretty much only happens because we're zealously refreshing the page)

Thinking about how much money Gabe Newell just made in the past 30 seconds

Waiting on this screen...

...only to land here

When you can't download your new purchase because Valve's servers are getting absolutely hammered

Thinking, if only for a moment, about how much money these developers would've been making if everyone was actually paying full price for their game

When you see the same game on sale for the 50th freaking time

(Really though, every person on Steam either owns Terraria or they don't intend to; stop slashing the price)

Lucas Sullivan

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