Listening to the Informers

Despite his fevered literary following Bret Easton Ellis’ novels have only been adapted into films three times with the results varying from the awkward (Less Than Zero) to the excellent (American Psycho and The Rules Of Attraction).

And now Ned Kelly’s Gregor Jordan is having a crack, taking on Easton’s novel The Informers. Set in 1980s LA, the book is a collection of short stories featuring movie types, rock stars, a vampire and a pack of other morally dubious characters swirling in a sea of sex, drugs and violence. In an Easton novel? Who’da thunk it?

Jordan will have an advantage over other directors who have tackled the quirk-laden writer’s work – Ellis is adapting the novel himself, scribbling the script with Nicholas Jarecki. There’s no word on casting or when the film will start shooting yet.

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