Two new Life is Strange games are coming according to a leaker

Before the Storm
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A leaker has claimed that two Life is Strange games are currently in production, and the original game is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The claim comes from a ResetEra forum, where a user alleges to have received information that conclusively points to a Life is Strange game from Deck Nine (developers of Life is Strange: Before the Storm), being in production. The user claims that the new game will be a series compiled of five episodes, and will follow an Asian-American woman in a small US town.

Furthermore, the leaker also claims that another Life is Strange game is in "preproduction," and still a few years away from releasing. However, the user claims that this second Life is Strange game is a direct sequel to the first game in the series, and stars returning characters Max and Chloe from the original game by Dontnod. What's more, both these new games are being developed on the Unreal Engine, so the user is confident in claiming that a lot of the "jank" you might've experienced in past games will be gone.

Finally, the leaker on ResetEra alleges that the original Life is Strange series starring Max and Chloe will be ported to the Nintendo Switch. They aren't sure whether any additional Life is Strange games are being ported to Nintendo's handheld device, but they're confident that the ports will be revealed at the same time as the third Life is Strange game is unveiled. 

While it's worth taking leaks like this with a healthy dash of scepticism, the Resetera staff added a note to the thread, saying that the leaker "has shown us material that supports their claim to know about Life is Strange 3."

Right now, we don't know too much for certain about the future of the Life is Strange series. Previously in November 2020, Dontnod announced that they had six games in production, and later on in January 2021, a rumor claimed that Before the Storm developer Deck Nine would be making Life is Strange games going forward. We've yet to hear any confirmation from Dontnod or publisher Square Enix, though.

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