How to get more Lies of P Pulse Cells for healing

Lies of P pulse cells
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The Lies of P Pulse Cells are arguably your most important equipment, your primary healing item that has a pretty limited max amount in the early phases of the game. You start off with only three of them, and while the last one can regenerate if you bash enough puppets to recharge it, it's still better to go into an encounter with as many healing items as possible. With that in mind, I'll explain how to get more Pulse Cells in Lies of P, and even how to increase the effectiveness of those Pulse Cells, so you can find out how to get the most out of them possible.

How to increase your max Pulse Cells in Lies of P

Lies of P pulse cells

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To increase your max amount of Pulse Cells in Lies of P, players need to either hit certain points in the story, or get optional upgrades. Here's how to get every one:

  • Defeat the Mad Donkey boss fight and speak with Geppetto (1) 
  • Defeat the King of Puppets boss fight and speak with Geppetto (1) 
  • Fill 3 "Increase Pulse Cells" perk slots in Phases 1 and 2 of the P-Organ (2)
  • Purchase "Increase Pulse Cells" Survival perks (3)

These are all the ways to increase your maximum amount of Pulse Cells in Lies of P that I've encountered, suggesting that with the starting 3 Pulse Cells you find in Krat railway station, the total amount of Pulse Cells you can obtain in a single playthrough is 10, with seven to potentially be discovered or purchased throughout the game. However, only the first two are mandatory discoveries throughout the plot, so players might make it through with only 5 Pulse Cells to use - though that's more of a calculated choice than a loss, as the Quartz can just be invested in other elements rather than Pulse Cells.

How to increase Pulse Cell healing effectiveness in Lies of P

Lies of P pulse cells

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If you want your Pulse Cells to restore more health with each use, you do it the same way - via the P-organ. There is a major Perk Slot in Phase 3 called Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery that serves this function, as well as at one level 3 Survival Perk with the same name. Get them both to increase the amount your Pulse Cells heal you, and consider some additional bonuses if you need healing: there are also perks that increase the speed at which your Cells recharge, or reduces your damage taken when you're out of Cells.

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