Lies of P post-credits scene suggests more children's tales could be getting the Soulslike treatment

Lies of P
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The very last scene in Lies of P hints at more children's tales getting the Soulslike treatment.

This article contains spoilers for the final moments of Lies of P, so if you plan to see the story through for yourself, you'd best look away now. 

Pinocchio-inspired Soulslike Lies of P officially launches today, and while you may just be finding your feet in the plagued city of Krat, manage to make it all the way to the game's end, and you'll be in for a rather pleasant surprise.

As spotted by IGN, Lies of P contains a post-credits scene that seemingly lays the groundwork for a sequel based on another classic children's story. The brief clip features a rather shady character called Paracelsus talking on the phone with a woman, her identity unknown. "I will find her. For sure," he tells her. "Another key of ours… Dorothy."

Next, the scene switches to a view of Karat and a girl walking merrily along, sporting some rather familiar-looking bright red shoes. If that still wasn't enough of a tell, she then stops to click her heel three times, the scene abruptly turning black on the third click.

Surely, this can be none other than Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, suggesting that developer Neowiz's post Lies of P plan is to reimagine this iconic tale next. If this is indeed the case, we assume it'll have the same dark tone and intense action as Lies of P. Better still, Neowiz's intentions could very well be to make a string of Soulslikes based on various famous children's stories. 

Of course, it's all just speculation at this point, and we'll have to wait for official word from the developer before we know exactly what it's got lined up for after Lies of P. All we can do for the moment is wait and keep our fingers crossed.

Lies of P is, as the name suggests, heavily focused on lies, and it turns out the game's launch date, September 19, might have been a bit of a fib, too, as it arrived on digital platforms 24 hours ahead of time. Was this a great marketing ploy or just a technical hiccup? Who knows.

In our Lies of P review, we said it "retains the core structures of similar action RPGs while adding new surprises to the mix. The potential for richer character builds and depth of choice for the player is bolstered by a haunting narrative that, despite the clunk of certain new mechanics, cements the experience as a powerful contender on the Soulslike scene."

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