Lies of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss fight guide

Lies of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood Eldest
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The Lies of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss fight is one of one of the toughest you'll have encountered by this point in the game, four separate gang members led by the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, a giant of a man wielding a massive greatsword. With so much of the challenge here being fending off up to four enemies at once in a combat system designed around focusing on a single target, there'll be a lot of poor P's who get taken apart while trying to work out how to take on these gangland goons. 

With that in mind, I've put together a guide based on my own hard-earned experience to help you through it, with strategies, weaknesses, trips, tricks and more. Here's how you can beat the (first) Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss fight in Lies of P, and keep yourself out of that dreaded coffin.

How to beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood and the Eldest in Lies of P

Lies of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood Eldest

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To beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss fight in Lies of P, you need to be careful and think strategically, while also practising extreme situational awareness. The key here is that to beat the boss fight, you only need to kill the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, not the other members - but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't fight them, only that the giant Eldest is the only mandatory kill.

Black Rabbit Brotherhood and Eldest weaknesses

Lies of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood Eldest

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Here's all the weaknesses I found in my encounters with the Black Rabbit Brotherhood:

  • Backstabs. The Eldest is the only one immune to this, but all other members of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood can be backstabbed for massive damage, and their attack patterns can often leave their back exposed. Make use of this!
  • Stunlocks. Again, this doesn't apply to the Eldest, but the rest of the Brotherhood can be interrupted if you hit them with attacks, meaning that fast weapons can throw them off.
  • Burn and Acid. I found burn was easier to trigger on them, but either works - the large arena means that you can always slap either of these status effects on the Brotherhood, then back away and let them take damage over time.
  • Perfect Parries: While the Black Rabbit Brotherhood are fast, they tend to telegraph their attacks significantly, making it easier to perfect parry them. You probably won't get the chance to actually Stagger any of them except the Eldest, but it does make it easier to protect yourself from their attacks.
  • Long-reach melee weapons: As they run to hit you, members of the Brotherhood often bunch together, so a long-reaching spear, sword or wide-swinging scythe can hit multiple targets in one go.

Black Rabbit Brotherhood and Eldest strategy

Lies of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood Eldest

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To defeat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood at the end of Malum, all you need to do is kill the Eldest, but that doesn't mean he's the only one you should fight. A new member of the Brotherhood leaps in to fight you each time you whittle away a quarter of the Eldest's health - so the sword-wielding sister leaps in at 75%, buckethead appears at 50%, and the leader with the rapier at 25%, roughly speaking. 

You'll want to kill the new siblings the moment they appear. While it's not mandatory to kill the other siblings, fighting two or, god forbid, four members of the Brotherhood at once is likely to lead to disaster. When a new sibling appears, take them out quickly, then move back to the Eldest until the next one appears.

You also want to kite the newcomer away from the Eldest, so you can fight them one-on-one for as long as possible. Obviously summoning a spectre will help keep the big Eldest distracted, which is your chance to thin the numbers. At the same time, you want to keep an eye on everybody, as it's all too easy for a new rabbit-faced goon to come flying in and whack you in the side of the head while you're fighting somebody else.

As ever, stay patient and you should ultimately come through victorious. If it's really proving difficult, try grinding up some levels with the Carcasses in the area, or buy some useful consumables from the Merchant in the Red Lobster Inn.

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