The Librarians: take a sneak peak at episode one

Noah Wyle's television movie series The Librarian is about to become a full TV series, and the former ER star is back to shepherd the show into its new incarnation – known simply as The Librarians. See what they did there?

"Noah loves this character beyond all reason," showrunner John Rogers tells SFX. "He, Dean Devlin [co-creator] and Michael White, the former head of TNT, were the guys who brought this back, because no one else loves this character and this show so much."

While Wyle is back as Flynn to help run the Warehouse 13-ish repository of information that might just help save the world, he'll now be playing fifth fiddle to a quartet of new recruits: Robecca Romijn's no-nonsense pragmatist Colonel Eve Baird, Christian Kane's secretly smart historian Jake Stone, Lindy Booth's maths whiz Cassandra Cillian and John Kim's unrepentant master criminal Ezekiel Jones.

"They're the kind of people you need when you're telling pulp stories," says Rogers. "It's very Doc Savage in its models. They're given, in theory, the 'training wheels' missions. But when magic's coming back to the world any one of those missions can kill you.

"Flynn's a bit mad, a bit spacey by the time we meet him because he's been doing this alone for a decade," Rogers adds. "So he finds these four recruits, instructs them and then he goes off to solve the big problem that's happening."

You can get an idea of what to expect from the show in this new clip:

The Librarians debuts on TNT in the US on Sunday 7 December, and on Syfy in the UK on Monday 8 December at 8pm. Look out for an interview with Rebecca Romijn in the next issue of SFX, on sale Wednesday 10 December.

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