Liam Neeson's worried Seth MacFarlane’s Naked Gun reboot could end his career

Liam Neeson in Taken 2
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There's been no official word on a Naked Gun reboot, but Liam Neeson can't stop talking about his trepid excitement for the project. The actor previously revealed that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane approached him to lead the series, though Neeson has now warned that taking on the role may "finish" his career.

"I’ve been approached by Seth MacFarlane and Paramount Studios to maybe resurrect the Naked Gun films," Neeson told People (the TV Show!) (via IndieWire). "It’ll either finish my career or bring it in another direction. I honestly don’t know."

Neeson has built something of a reputation for playing hardened action heroes in films such as Taken. The original Naked Gun trilogy spoofed the police procedurals of the time, with Leslie Nielsen playing an idiotic detective. The first Naked Gun was followed by The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear and Naked Gun 33 1/2: The Final Insult.

Speaking earlier this year with CinemaBlend, Neeson said that MacFarlane was working on a draft of the script. "I’m very excited, and I think and hope Seth might be directing it himself," he said. "No date has been set, I think, I believe it’s Paramount Pictures that approached Seth, and Seth approached me. This was about a year and a half ago, maybe two years ago. So it’ll either ruin my career, whatever’s left of it, or I’ll find another little adventure, you know?"

A late-stage career pivot into comedies for the 70-year-old Neeson? As Marko from Tropojë may say – good luck. For some thrilling movie recommendations, check out our list of the best Netflix action movies available to stream right now.

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