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Let Netflix convince you that The Walking Dead is a sequel to Breaking Bad

Netflix has gotten into the "mind-bending fan theory" market, and its latest hypothesis is a doozy: Breaking Bad is actually a prequel to The Walking Dead. The video makes some compelling connections between the two popular AMC drama series involving Glenn's red Challenger and Merle's suspiciously Jesse-Pinkman-like drug dealer. It's an idea that's been circulating around for a while, but this is definitely the slickest presentation of it.

The flimsiest part of the theory is the idea that Walter White's new type of meth started the zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead. Maybe Blue Sky began turning its users into zombies, sure, why not. But everyone is infected in The Walking Dead. It doesn't matter how you die; if your brain is intact, you'll eventually turn. So unless Heisenberg went full super villain and seeded the entire atmosphere of Earth with Blue Sky, that connection doesn't bear out.

Still, all those other references are pretty cool, even if they were probably just for fun rather than to establish an AMC Televised Universe.

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