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Leonardo DiCaprio takes Inception

Christopher Nolan has tracked down a star for his new science fiction pic Inception – Leonardo DiCaprio will take the lead.

Taking his annual holiday away from working with Martin Scorsese, DiCaprio has agreed to star in the Warners pic, though we don’t know as who or, indeed, what.

There’s also no word on exactly what the film is about. The only vague description the studio has release is that it’s set “within the architecture of the mind.” Thanks, then.

Seemingly this is on the orders of Nolan himself - he’s written the script and will produce alongside his regular collaborator (and wife) Emma Thomas.

What the film does, however, boast, is a US release date, with July 16 next year already picked out for it. He’ll start shooting this year.

[Source: Variety ]

Best guesses, then: what the hell is Chris Nolan's new film about?