The LEGO Movie Videogame Red Brick location guide

The Old West 

Fast Drill
Cost: 100,000
To get this Red Brick, you will need to scare the 5 blue birds around the area. One is on top of the entrance that you can scare off by destroying the rainbow structure to the left. Rebuild it and a butterfly will appear. Use the drill on top of the bank to scare the bird there and master build the three pieces in front of the barn to build a staircase. Go up and build the pipe on the second storey.

It will then go off and scare the bird there. The next can be found to the right of the area at the church. Break the silver box there and build the handle. Pull it and it will ring a bell which will eventually scare off the bird there. For the final bird, have Benny hack the terminal on top of the Sheriff’s building to turn the windmill and spook the bird there.

Fast Build
Cost: 100,000
Put out the three fires on the second storey the building to the right of the area and this Red Brick will appear.

Studs x4
Cost: 500,000
For this you will need to return three gold bars to the banker. One can be found on the second floor of the saloon exterior, one in the outhouse on the roof to the right, and the final in the barn to the left of the banker. To get the final gold piece, you will need to climb up to the second story of the barn and push out a block to drop it down to the ground. Rebuild it and it will be a fire plate. Use fire or dynamite on it and it will cause the barn doors to open revealing the final robber. Return them to the banker and then go to the door that he enters to get the Red Brick.

Instruction Page Detector
Cost: 200,000
This Red Brick is simply located on top of the Saloon.

Character Studs
Cost: 100,000
Find the three instruction pages and build the well at the construction station. Once it is built, use a construction worker on the gears to the right of it and this Red Brick will pop out. The instruction pages can be found in the gold jail cell by cutting off the door, in the horse pen by having Vitruvious enter it, and finally by smashing the water tower on the left roof of the saloon.

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