The LEGO Movie Videogame Red Brick location guide


Cost: 100,000
When you go up the stairs and through the large set of doors, go to the right to enter the hallway there. Fly up to the catwalk above and there will be a computer there that opens the door at the end of the hall. Go in the door and the Red Brick will be sitting there.

Fast Hack
Cost: 100,000
When you reached the previous Red Brick, some green parts flew out to the starting area. Use Green Lantern to put them together and then use Lord Business on the terminal. Once he changes, go to the left corner and hit the large switch at the top. It will remove the red beams on the upper platform and you can then hop up and grab the Red Brick.

Studs x8
Cost: 2,500,000
When you go through the red and black door atop the stairs, fly straight up to the platform there and use the three terminals. Once you do, go to the door that opens behind the Broadcast News portal and there will be a wheel that you can spin in the centre. Spin it unit it lands on the Red Brick and then claim your prize behind you.

Regenerate Hearts
Cost: 100,000
In the starting room, hit the gold panel on the wall with a laser and then build the rainbow blocks that fall out. In the room as you pass through by going through the large black and red door, go to the left and there will be a sign on the wall with a rainbow border. Smash it and rebuild with Unikitty. The final piece will be to the left of the broadcast news entrance there are rainbow block to build. Once all three are built, the Red Brick will appear.

Extra Hearts
Cost: 100,000
When you go through the big red and black door, go straight forward to the electrical mess and use the wrench in it. Rebuild it and then pull down the grapple point. In the same room, fly up and to second floor and to the immediate left will be a grapple to pull down with Batman. Go to the right of the Broadcast News Entrance and climb the wall with a female character.

Push the block off the edge and then rebuild it on the ground. Again, use a grapple character to pull it down. In the open room to the right when you enter the hallway from the large red and black doors--where the invincibility Red Brick was--pull down the grapple in there and the Red Brick will appear.

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