LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

The final film will be the trickiest of the lot. It all begins with young Indy’s circus train-top turmoil and his quest to reclaim the Cross of Coronado on board the good ship… Coronado. Venice’s catacombs make up half of the second level, with the boat chase bolstering the second half, and then it’s off to tippety-toe through Castle Brunwald in a failed rescue attempt and a fiery escape. Build your motorcycle for the race to Berlin, and once Henry’s diary has been secured you’ll be dashing through a Zeppelin and piloting a fighter plane to safety.

Rescuing Brody from the tank is your penultimate task - the horse ride makes for an especially exciting sequence, and then the puzzle-laden search for the Grail and Donovan’s transformation into a LEGO skeleton round things off nicely. You’ll need to keep your wits about you when the temple’s falling apart as there are plenty of pits you’ll have to negotiate, but some cunning whip use should see you safely through and off for a sunset finish - provided you can find the way back, that is.

It’s almost impossible to think that LEGO Indiana Jones might turn out to be anything other than a roaring success. Although on paper it may look like it’s half the game that The Complete Saga is (three films instead of six, 60 characters instead of 120, etc.) it’s difficult to imagine Traveller’s Tales skimping on content. They’ve proven their pedigree beyond a shadow of a doubt, and LEGO Indiana Jones should only serve to extend that legacy. Having seen what’s in store, it’s safe to say that in choosing the Indy films, they’ve chosen wisely.

Apr 1, 2008