LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

The Temple of Doom begins within the ShanghaiClub Obi-Wan (get it?)and the thrilling chase afterwards. Again, you’ll need to make the most of your surroundings to survive the shootouts, so be prepared to duck and dive behind objects unless you want to go the way of the dodo. One plane crash later and you’ll be fighting through the jungles of India, trying to defeat its many creatures. The trip to Pankot Palace is fraught with danger, but the elephant rides are simply adorable.

Survive the night in the palace and an underground trip is your reward. Expect more puzzles and plenty of character switching before what should be the most exciting level: the quarry and mine cart ride. That’s then followed up by a showdown outside that culminates in the rope-bridge stand-off and baldy crocodile-lover Mola Ram’s ultimate demise. Although there’s plenty of swimming, this is one level where you definitely want to stay out of the drink.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, the game follows Star Wars’ lead and splits the three films into six chapters each. But it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the mileage. Anyone claiming that the similarities will harm LEGO Indy is speaking balderdash, as the all-important personality is there in abundance. A monumental cast starring over 60 playable characters is on offer, including Jones Senior, Short Round and even explodo-head himself, Rene Belloq. Just like The Complete Saga, you’ll get to mix and match parts to make even more characters. Want to see Mola Ram’s head on Short Round’s body?

Many characters have unique areas that only they can reach, which ensures plenty of replay value. The ever-lovely Marion Ravenwood can reach high areas with her special monkey access (no, really), Marcus Brody’s got an umbrella slide, and short-lived Satipo - you may remember he met a grisly end at the start of Raiders - can dig for treasure. There’s no word on whether Willie Scott can scream enemies into submission (we’d be quite surprised if not), but given George Lucas’s and Harrison Ford’s involvements in both the Indy and Star Wars films, we’d be utterly shocked if Han Solo didn’t put in an appearance. After all, Indy showed up in The Complete Saga so it’s only fair, right? RIGHT?