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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Piece of Heart locations guide


Piece of Heart #17 - Thieves' Town

This is found in the Fortune's Choice game on the east side of town. As this is a game of chance, there's no real strategy we can give you. Just keep at it until you open a chest with this inside.

Piece of Heart #18 - Rupee Rush

The Rupee Rush game exists in Lorule too. This time, you have to get 200 Rupees to earn a Piece of Heart as a prize.

Piece of Heart #19 - Octoball Derby

The Octoball Derby game is found directly south of the Vacant House (Link's House equivalent). This tricky game has you batting balls at pots and birds on a baseball diamond. Score 100 points (it's tough to do) to earn a Piece of Heart.

Piece of Heart #20 - South Lorule

For the next Piece of Heart, you'll need to use the Bomb Flower. To access it, you must pay a one-time fee of 200 Rupees to the Bomb Shop Man at the Bomb Flower Store directly south of Thieves' Town.

Lead the Bomb Flower directly south of the Vacant House. In this lower area, just east of the Swamp Palace, is a giant cracked boulder. Use the Bomb Flower to blow it up, revealing a cave entrance. This is inside.

Piece of Heart #21 - Dark Palace

You'll find this while sneaking to the dungeon (though you may want to beat the dungeon first, causing the patrols to clear out). It's on a narrow ledge just before the dungeon proper.

Piece of Heart #22 - Skull Woods

This is found just south of the actual woods. On the edge of the area is an abandoned home. You can merge around behind it to find a Piece of Heart tucked away atop a cliff.

Heart Piece #23 - Skull Woods

East of the woods proper is a destroyed home, the equivalent of Rosso the Miner's house in Hyrule. Enter this area from a small distance south to spot a ladder that will take you to the cliff behind the house. Grab the Cucco Vulture and move to the northern edge of the cliff. From here, you can glide to the Piece of Heart on the balcony in front of the destroyed house.

Heart Piece #24 - Graveyard

Use the rift inside the Sanctuary to get here. Exit to the outside and head east. Climb the ladder at the northern end of the graveyard, then use a Bomb to blow away the cracked rock, revealing another rift. Merge through and enter the cave on the other side to find another Piece of Heart.

Heart Piece #25 - Treacherous Tower

The Treacherous Tower is located where the Tower of Hera can be found in Hyrule. Here in Lorule, the tower is battle arena, where you can face off against waves of enemies. Complete the intermediate course to receive a Piece of Heart as a prize.

Heart Piece #26 - Death Mountain

Remember the path we took through Rosso's Ore Mine in Hyrule? Well, you're going to do the same thing in Lorule on your way to the Ice Ruins. When you reach the platform with the gargoyle statues, take the left series of platforms. When you reach the column, turn and take the northern series of platforms. When you emerge outside, merge through the rift to find a Piece of Heart atop Hyrule's Death Mountain.

Heart Piece #27 - Misery Mire

We're actually going to reach this one from the Desert of Mystery in Hyrule. Head to the northeast corner there and use the Sand Rod to cross the gap. Head up the stairs and merge through the rift on the cliff face. There's a Piece of Heart on the other side.

Piece of Heart #28 - Turtle Rock

This is found during the Turtle Rock dungeon. For more information, see our dungeon guide.

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