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Kojima's next game could be Metal Gear Solid 5

Breaking news: Kojima is being opaque. In a recent interview, translated and recounted by Anoop Gantayat, the famed Metal Gear creator said, "For the next game I make, it's either MGS5 or an original game. I only have these two choices."

Apparently this year's E3 changed Kojima's feelings about his next project, which he recently teased on twitter as being something that will "challenge a certain type of taboo."

"...the next project is amazing. The plan is pretty much solidified. Although recently, it has wavered a bit," he said. When asked what changed, he responded, "I'm not sure myself, but I began to want to do something different from what I'd wanted to do originally."

Kojima also mentioned that the Zone of the Enders follow up he expressed an interest in last year will "be pushed a bit into the future." He went on to say, "I'm 47 this year, and I don't know when something might happen." If the quote wasn't followed by "(laughs)," we'd think he was implying that he might retire before a Zone of the Enders sequel is made. Come on buddy! You've got years of productivity ahead - Miyamoto is 58 and going strong!

Above: None of this for a while

On the topic of time, whether or not his next project is MGS5, Kojima says that it'll have to be here sooner than later:

"I'll be slowly making my game on a console. However, even though I say slowly, it can't take three years. Only Japanese companies are taking time. Overseas, they don't take so much time for development. Assassin's Creed saw an announcement at E3 even though one was just released last year. With this in mind, I believe you can't take more than a little over two years for development."

Jul 7, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer