Knightley slips into Silk

Having spent 2005 leaping from port to starboard in a corset, you’d have thought the divine Ms Knightley would be aching to slob about for a while in jeans and a T-shirt. However, having just signed up to appear in period drama Silk, we have a distinct feeling that she might be done up in something slightly more... traditional.

The movie is an adaptation of Alessandro Baricco’s bestselling novel about a wedded silkworm smuggler, called Herve Joncour, who leaves France for Japan to quietly collect some dodgy cargo. While onshore, he spots a European stunner (Knightley) and is instantly smitten. Unfortunately the lady happens to be the concubine of a local Baron and, despite their love for each other, they are separated.

Last Days star Michael Pitt is rumoured to have a foot in the door for the role of Joncour, while megaphone duties will go to Red Violin helmer François Girard. Girard is also handling re-writes on Baricco’s first draft script.

Shooting is slated to begin in the Spring of 2006.