Kirsten Dunst confirms she's not in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Kirsten Dunst in Spider-Man
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Who's not in Spider-Man: No Way Home? Everyone who has ever been associated with Spider-Man has seemingly been linked to the upcoming multiverse extravaganza. While Alfred Molina is the only actor confirmed to return from Sam Raimi's trilogy, that hasn't stopped rumors spreading that Kirsten Dunst will be back in the role of Mary Jane Watson. 

Speaking to Total Film for the new issue of the magazine, which features Scream on the cover, Dunst categorically shoots down any murmurings. "I’m not in that movie, no," she says with a laugh. "I know there’s rumors, right?"

Total Film points out that Molina’s back, and even Willem Dafoe’s seemingly back, to which the actor responds: "No, I’m the only one [not back]. ‘Can’t put an old girl in there!’"

It appears the Spider-Verse hasn't dragged everyone into its vortex. Dunst also reveals she hasn't seen any of the newer Spider-Man movies. 

"I haven’t seen any of them," she says. "I don’t watch superhero movies, though. I don’t watch anything like that. It’s just not my kind of movie. I can’t tell you the last time I saw one. I think I saw maybe Captain America with my friend in a theatre, which was – what? – a long time ago when that first came out. I just don’t watch them."

That's only the tip of the iceberg from our Dunst interview, which also features the actor chatting further about Spider-Man, her career at large, and her new, critically acclaimed movie, The Power of the Dog.

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