Kirby sucks sock in new Epic Yarn trailer

If there's one piece of advice that's always stuck with us, it's 'don't suck someone else's socks'. Kirby clearly didn't heed this advice and it's landed him in no end of trouble. Yup - this sock sucked him in instead. That'll learn 'im. At least... that's the meaning we've taken from this brand new Japanese trailer for Kirby's Epic Yarn, headed to Wii this autumn (October 14, in Japan).

Yarn dolphin Kirby? We're in. In fact, everything about this trailer is either cute, amazing or both. The physics look worthy of any LittleBigPlanet level and the variety of gameplay on offer is superb. It looks like it will play like a cross between Yoshi's Island and Dynamite Headdy... a gene-splicing experiement only the maddest of mad scientists would even attempt. And even he would think it a particularly mad thing to do.

Still, as I said yesterday, the game's looking great so maybe we should just let Kirby sock it to us.

02 Sep, 2010

Source: Nintendo Everything

Justin Towell

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