Kirby's Dream Buffet launches next week

Kirby's Dream Buffet
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Kirby's Dream Buffet is launching next week on August 17 through the Nintendo eShop.

Revealed earlier today at the Kirby 30th Anniversary Fest live concert, the next game in the Kirby franchise will be with us very shortly. The concert revealed Kirby's Dream Buffet is launching next week on August 17 for the Nintendo Switch, retailing at 1,500 Yen.

While we initially weren't sure if the game would be launching outside of Japan, that confusion was cleared up with a new trailer. Earlier this year, when Kirby's Dream Buffet was first revealed, there was a native English trailer for the brand new party game, and the announcement was posted to Nintendo's English-speaking social media feeds, so it stood to reason the game would make its way over here.

What we know so far is that when it does arrive here, Kirby's Dream Buffet won't be a free download, if the Japanese announcement is anything to go by. Right now at least, 1,500 Yen equates to just over £9, and just over $11 USD.

If you're unfamiliar with the new game from Nintendo, it's basically a co-op competitive party game for Nintendo Switch. Up to four players, all playing as Kirby in different colours, race up a mountain made out of food, gobbling up strawberries as they go, to obtain maximum power and defeat a big final boss at the end of the level. Kirby's sure got his work cut out for them this time.

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