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Kirby's Epic Yarn looks EXACTLY like 1992 TV advert

The magnificent art style for Kirby's Epic Yarn on Wii is wondrous and new, right? Well, actually, it isn't even new to Kirby. A Japanese TV advert from 1992 clearly shows yarn-based Kirby, with similar animation and identical colour palette to advertise classic platformer Kirby's Adventure. Look!

And here's the E3 trailer of the new Wii game. Looks mighty similar, no?

The revelation comes from a Destructoid user commenting on this story, which states the inspiration fro Kirby's Epic Yarn came from a Japanese stop-motion yarn movie (which, handily, nobody at Nintendo remembers the name of - nice way to get around the royalties issues there, guys). Of course, the devs could have been talking about this very advert, in which case everyone's confused about nothing.

Either way, the new game is still getting us excited. Quick fact: the Wii game's art style is actually made not of yarn, but of awesome. It's quite rare to find pure awesome ore in sufficient quantities to smelt anything substantial these days, but Nintendo seems to be sitting on a very rich vein at the moment.

01 Sep, 2010

Source: Destructoid

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