Kingdom of Paradise Cheats

Kingdom of Paradise Cheats

  • PSP | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Passwords for Secret Items and Kenpu

    Go to "download" and enter these codes

    zoeuiss - A Genbu six dan Bugei
    ptiuquc - Byakko Kenpu 31*
    qucmtkb - Kirin Kenpu 31*
    kakeiti - Seiryu Kenpu 31*
    myuicei - Suzaku Kenpu 31*
    rkjulvj - Miracle Sword Attack +14
    aietmaw - Seima Accesory
    ydkvcex - Seima Accessory
    jticgek - Seima Bracelet
    lfiynvg - Seima Ear Ornament
    otkciet - Seima Hair Pin
    xktmvut - Seima Ring

Kingdom of Paradise Hints

  • PSP | Submitted by Anonymous

    Soul Talisman

    As you're walking back adown Mt. Goko after visiting your parents' grave, jump off all ledges you see. One of them has a box on it containing a soul talisman. This will help you in your battle agaisnt Uzo and Muzo (and Li Yin).

  • PSP | Submitted by johnny johnny

    Chi Level Up

    First you go to a enemy and hold the square button and tap once only then hold it and keep doing it until you level up to max 3.