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  • PS2 | Submitted by MATTHEW-ADEYEMO


    pride lands

    An easy way to level up is go to the pride lands, go to the room(area) above the king's den and then after you fight all those heartless 2 times (not long or hard) I guarantee you should have gone up at least one level hint if you use lucky lucky you will get alot of lightning shards and when you take them to moogle then you can buy them!


  • PS2 | Submitted by Christian

    How To Beat Sephiroth

    How to beat Sephiroth-

    Weapon-Ultima weapon if you do not have it use Oblivion

    Accessories-star charm, cosmic arts, cosmic ring

    Items-6 Hi-potions

    Magic-customize it so all your have is curaga

    Abilities-All combo moves even air combos moves second chance once more Berserk upper slash guard high jump

    First thing when the movie is over start pushing triangle. Then you'll block his attack. Lock on and hit him with a combo,then hit square use your air combo. Then he will teleport and hit you with his combo use guard. You'll probably get hit so when he is done use curaga or Hi-Potion. Remember you will still have to use triangle to block his special attack. After 5 stocks he'll get three new moves, he'll probably use dark ball first, don't attack, attack him after the ball attack.. The balls will hit you, heal yourself.
    Second, he'll probably use his fire attack, run the opposite way, if he traps you in a corner use heal or 1 Hi-Potion.
    Last he'll fly in the air, run at him and jump and attack. If you don't reach him, don't heal yourself. Start pushing triangle then, heal yourself then attack. He'll turn pink and run at you, attack. It will take a couple of times to beat him. Good Luck!

  • PS2 | Submitted by sticknots

    Easy Experience

    If you want easy experience you need to go to the land that never was. Go to the brink of existence and to the door of light. You'll fight many opponents that give you 1000 exp.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Daedly Danish

    All Party member's/ heroes


    Land of Dragons-Mulan
    Beast Castle-Beast
    Port Royal-Jack Sparrow
    Halloween Town-Jack Skelington
    Pride Land-Simba
    Space Paranoids-Tron
    The World That Never Was-Riku
    Sometimes when Sora dies-King Mikkey
    (Fellow Fighters) Timeless River-Pete
    Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden-Squall,Cloud,Yuffie,Tifa
    Disney or should I say Yen SId Castle-Minnie
    Twilight Town-Axel

  • PS2 | Submitted by Auronthe3rd

    Paradox Cup

    Underworld: Olympus Colliseum

    When you've completed all four of the cups when talking to Panic at the underworld entrance, you think you are done. Think again. Go into the underworld and keep going through until you get to the last room where Hades is standing. Talk to him and you can compete in the pain and panic paradox cups.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Goofyknights

    Secret Level

    Radiant Garden (Hollow Bastion)

    When you have unlocked The World That Never Was go back to Radiant Garden (Hollow Bastion) first. You can meet the three Gullwing fairies again and they will give you the Gullwing Keyblade. You can also defeat Sephiroth (probably even harder than the final boss Xemnas) and you can go back to space paranoids to meet up with Tron again. You defeat Sark and the master control panel here.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Zerok4

    The Fenrir Keyblade

    Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden

    To get the strongest keyblade in the game, you have to defeat Sephiroth. Really late in the game, Sephiroth will appear two maps after the "Crystal Fissur." Go up to Sephiroth, and the reaction command will be "approach." Use the reaction command and you will fight Sephiroth. Once you have defeated him, he will tell you to tell Cloud to come fight him. Go tell Cloud about that, then go back to where you fought Sephiroth, and you will see a clip where Cloud and Sephiroth fight. After the clip, Tifa will thank you for helping her, and she will give you Fenrir, the strongest Keyblade in the game.

    Stats: Strength,7 Magic,1

  • PS2 | Submitted by Roxas's Spirit

    All Torn Pages!

    Torn Page 1 - Land of Dragons, Throne Room
    Torn Page 2 - Pride Land, Oasis
    Torn Page 3 - Agrabah, Tower
    Torn Page 4 - Radiant Garden (H.Bastion), Crystal Fissure
    Torn Page 5 - Disney's Castle, Library

  • PS2 | Submitted by conjohn9

    How to get the Oriaculum +'s

    In order to get the oriaculum +'s that you need in order to make the "Ultima Weapon" this is where they are:
    1st: Complete Atlantica
    2nd: Complete 100 Acre Wood
    3rd: Find in chest in world that never was, Brink of Despair.
    4th: Get all 50 types of materials
    5th: Beat Goddess of Fate Cup
    6th: Space Paranoids, Central Computer Mesa (chest)
    7th: Twilight Town, Sunset Terrace (you must be Sora)

    Even though there are not enough Oriaculum+'s to make 13, you will require an energy crystal to cut the materials in 1/2.

    *NOTE* there is no Ultima Weapon+

  • PS2 | Submitted by Twilight Riku

    Form Leveling

    Go to Land of the Dragons. Then turn into Valor, Wisdom, or Master. Make sure you are in the palace. Then if you are in master put on Wishing Lamp Keychain on one hand and something else on the other. Equip jackpot also. When you are almost out of form go back to the emperor's room and got to the map. I don't know about summons so give it a go.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Matt42892

    Beat Xemnas (First Phase)

    This battle is actually easier than all the othere boss fights in Thw World That Never Was.

    To start off, this is basically a solo battle between Sora and Xemnas, so have all your growth abilities maxed out and eqiuped. Also, make sure to take full advantage of sora's Trinity Limit which will do considerable damage to Xemnas by eqiuping Combination Boost. Any other abilities that lengthen your ground and aireal combos are strongly recomended as well.

    The battle begins withXemnas cloaked in a veil of darkness, which Sora cannot penetrate. Xemna will also use an ability that will drain MP from Sora. Run up the stairs of the sky scraper and hit the "Face Down" reaction command torid the MP draining effect. You may need to this again throughout various points in the battle.

    After this, defeating Xemnas is a walk in the park. He Has only four main abilities, the first of which is rushing towards Sora with a pair of swords. Second, he will clothe himself in darkness and become invincible whilst he moves. He will also cast up a wall of light as a sort of sheild fro several seconds. When he comes at ou with the swords, simply use quikrun to get away. Xemnas moves quikly though, so dont attempt to attack until he cast's his wall of light. This is when you want to close the distance and unleash Sora's Trinity Limit as soon as the sheild comes down. In the down time, leap at Xemnas when he is about to come out of his veil of darkness and hit him with your strongest aireal attacks.

    The battle is as simple as that, just have plenty of ethers and you should be fine.

  • PS2 | Submitted by KHM#1

    Infinity Elixers

    Hi, this is KHM#1 again, here a cheat that can help you further on.

    To get infinity elixers, equip Sora, Goofy, and Donald with the ability: Lucky Lucky. This increases your chances of getting items from enemies. And then equip the weapons that has the lucky lucky ability on Sora, Goofy, and Donald. And those weapons are: Sweet Memories(Sora), Genji Shield(Goofy), and Meteor Staff(Donald). After that, go to the Space Paranoids world, and fight the Devastator Heartless. They should drop and elixer 30% of the time. And then when there are no more left, leave and then come back again. Keep repeating this process over and over again, and trust me, it'll be worth it. By the way, I got 99 elixers, in 4 hours.

  • PS2 | Submitted by KH owner

    Easy Money

    Go to the Twighlight Town. Then go on the train that takes you to the tower. Enter the room with four gambler nobodies. keep using the reaction commands to stop on O. When you successfully do it, tons of money should come out from all of them. continue this until Donal or Goofy kills them all.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Full Health

    If you have a full Drive Gauge, change in to any form to completely restore your health.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Cross 94

    Free Full Gauges


    1) Go to an area where your party members walk free, instead of following you.
    2) Leave the area and use a Drive.
    3) When you return to the area while still in Drive, you will be back to normal
    form, and your Drive gauge will be back at its maximum!

    Another good place to use Glitch #1 is in The Land of Dragons, at the save area
    in the ruined camp by the cave. The firework boxes at the first level of the
    snow mountain respawn every time you leave and provide large amounts of Drive
    balls, so this is brilliant for levelling Master Form.

    1) Go to an area near a Save Point.
    2) Use a Drive.
    3) Before the Drive runs out, use the Save Point to return to the World Map.
    4) Re-enter the world, and your Drive Gauge will have returned to its maximum!

  • PS2 | Submitted by Matt42892

    Beat Saix

    Saix could very well be the hardest of the final battles in The World that Never Was, and should be treated as such.

    Enter this battle with curaga as always, along with quickrun, glide, and aireal dodge (if you have them).

    Most of Saix's attacks are ground waves, and are easily avoided, but also make it extremly hard to get near enough to attack him without suffering dier consequences. Stay off the ground as much as possible and glide towards him to attack with aireal combos.

    The harder phase of this battle involves a berserk meter, which fills everytime you attack Saix. When the meter is filled, he will go on an insane rampage around the entire arena until the meter is completely empty. You can override this however, by using the weapons he leaves sticking out of the gound after each of his menacing combos to go into berserk mode too and attack him to empty the meter again. But be aware to the fact that the more he goes into berserk mode, the less time it takes for his meter to fill, and the longer the time he spends in berserk mode.

    Wisdom form proves very useful towards the end of this battle, as you can attack Saix from a safe distance, while easily escaping from his own attacks with quickrun.

    This fight is hard, but not impossible. Stay on the defensive, fight carefully, and eventually you will beat him.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Matt42892

    Beat Luxor

    This battle is as frustrating as the entire storyline, but is easily won with a few simple tactics.

    Essentially, you both have time meters, and by attacking Luxor, his time meter decreases relative to the length of your combo. And vis-versa. If you run out of time, or health, you lose the battle.

    Enter this battle with curaga equiped on your shortcut list, and any abilities gained from drive forms. Retaliating slash is essential in getting out of his wicked combos,and launching straight back into yours.

    Luxor will sometimes change you into a card or a dice. Attacks remain the same in card form, but in dice form, you must hit the circle button to leap at him and do damage.

    When in regular form, pummel him with gound and aireal combos. When about half of Luxor's time is up, he will transform himself into a card, and summon more to circle you. This takes some guess work and a little bit of luck, but you must attack the cards to try and reveal him, but some of the cards explode when attacked, doing considerable damage to Sora.

    Near the end of the battle, he will cover the entire arena with cards, and hide himself among them. Use Sora's growth abilities to move around the area, while waiting for him to reveal himself as a card and attack you. When he does pop up from one of the cards, attack him to further damage his time meter.

    As long as you land more attacks and combos on him than he does, you wont have much trouble.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Matt42892

    Beat Xingbar

    This battle is easily one of the toughest in the game behind Sephiroth and the final Xemnas battles.

    Enter the batte with curaga (aquired by finishing the 100 Acre Woods) equiped on your shortcut list and make sure that goofy has the Wirlygoof limit equiped as well. Be sure to have many ethers and high potions. Quickrun is also good to have, along with aireal dodge, but not completely necesary. This battle has many possible reaction commands, so reaction boost is a must have as well. Being level 51+ is a big help too.

    In the first phase of the battle, just run left and right across the arena while hitting the reaction commands that pop up. Once Xingbar teleports back down from his sniping tower, run at him and hit him with all your aireal attacks while dodging his bullets with quickrun and aireal dodge if you have these abilities. He will be teleporting around the entire arena, so when he disapears from one spot, hit the target lock button (R1) to get oreantated again.

    He will occasionally change the shape of the arena you are fighting him in, but this is notmuch to worry about. However, if you find yourself in a small square, he is about to unleash his most powerful attack. Use an ether NOW if you are in charge mode, and take the short barrage of bullets until he reapears in the square with you. When he yells out, launch into the Wirlygoof limit and rapidly hit triangle and x in succesion. While in limit mode, you cannot receive any damage, so continue until you reaper back into the regular arena. You may have to do this several times as he will use that attack repeatidly.

    Sometimes, he will unleash a massive bullet that will rebound off the walls until it hits something. Get near to one and use the warp snipe reaction command as with the sniper nobodies to deflect the bullets back at Xingbar for impressive damage and leaving him temporarily stunned, leaving you open for mre combos.

    Keep Chipping away at his health and eventually he will fall.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Sven

    How to Beat Groundshaker

    Since you have no party exept Simba, it's good to get some Hi- and Mega-potions and have cure. don't waste your time on that special move with Simba. First, use the reaction command to get on its back and attack away! If Simba's with you use the special attack. When you're low on HP run away and use a potion or cure.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Been Jammin

    Synthesizing Objects

    Shadow- Dark Shard
    Soldier- Dark Shard
    Large Body- Power Shard
    Silver Rock- Power Stone
    Emerald Blues- Lightning Stone
    Crimson Jazz- Blazing Crystal
    Air Pirate- Dark Crystal
    Trick Ghost- Lucid Shard
    Rabid Dog- Lucid Shard
    Bookmaster- Lucid Gem
    Minute Bomb- Blazing Shard
    Hammer Frame- Blazing Shard
    Bulky Vendor- Rare Items
    Fortuneteller- Frost Gem
    Cannon Gun- Blazing Stone
    Rapid Thruster- Lightning Shard
    Driller Mole- Lightning Stone
    Lance Soldier- Frost Shard
    Morning Star- Power Crystal
    Fiery Globe- Blazing Gem
    Icy Cube- Frost Gem
    Fat Bandit- Blazing Gem
    Luna Bandit- Power Stone
    Gargoyle Knight- Dark Gem
    Gargoyle Warrior- Dark Gem
    Graveyard- Lucid Stone
    Toy Soldier- Lucid Stone
    Aeroplane- Frost Stone
    Hot Rod- Frost Stone
    Assault Rider- Dark Stone
    Nightwalker- Dark Stone
    Bolt Tower- Lightning Shard
    Strafer- Lightning Crystal
    Living Bone- Frost Crystal
    Shaman- Power Gem
    Aerial Knocker- Power Gem
    Crescendo- Blazing Crystal
    Armored Knight- Lightning Gem
    Surveillance Robot- Lightning Gem
    Neoshadow- Lucid Crystal
    Dusk- Twilight Shard
    Creeper- Dense Shard
    Dragoon- Dense Shard
    Assassin- Twilight Gem
    Samurai- Dense Gem
    Sniper- Dense Stone
    Dancer- Twilight Stone
    Berserker- Dense Crystal
    Gambler- Twilight Shard
    Sorcerer- Twilight Crystal

  • PS2 | Submitted by Sephiroth15

    Easy Drive Leveling

    Valor- Bosses, or at the land of Dragons, right after the throne room. Go as far as you can starting at the Antechamber, defeating all the enemies as you go. You should get at least 100+ exp each time.

    Wisdom- In Timeless River, go through the windows and defeat all enemies. when you are about to run out of Drive, go back to the door and open it, you will have max drive.

    Master- The land of Dragons, right after the throne room. Go as far as you can starting at the Antechamber, defeating all the enemies as you go, collecting the orbs. You should get at least 170+ exp each time

    Final- The world that never was, the place right after the fight with Xigbar, attack the weak nobodies, you should get 25-35 exp

  • PS2 | Submitted by pro-skater roxas

    Last Letter Location

    In the beginning of the game, there's a spot where you have to earn 800 munny. The mail delivery job is the one where you have to deliver 5 letters. the first 3 and last one are the easiest because they're on the ground. The fourth delivery spot, however, is in the air. To get to it you have to grind on the rail next to the third delivery spot, which will launch you into the air so that you can deliver the fourth letter.

  • PS2 | Submitted by cheers2insanity

    Easy Areas To Level Up Forms

    The following places are MY personal best spots to train the forms.

    Valor: The World That Never Was(the heartless infested area) try not to use the two hit finishing combo

    Wisdom: World That Never Was(heartless area) just kill as many as you can before you run out of drive points

    Master: Hollow Bastion/Radiant Gardens(same place) goto the dungeons before ansems comp. room

    Final: i'm not entirely sure on this one, but goto the stairase before the sorceror guy in twiight town, or got to the world that never was.

    Remember not to let your drive gauage go to zero the second time for valor or wisdom, and the first time for master and final forms

  • PS2 | Submitted by Jeffrey Mathieu

    Easy Form Leveling Up

    Head to the Disney Castle and go to the Cornerstone Hall. Then enter the Timeless River and head inside Mickey's House or any other room. Transform into Valor form or Wisdom form kill all the heartless. When all enemies are destroyed DO NOT REVERT BACK OR ALLOW THE GAUGE TO EMPTY !!!! When the gauge hits zero and begins to empty run back and exit timeless river into the disney castle and the gauge will refill to the max. Redo everytime to get the best training for forms.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Joshua Menjivar

    More Easy Leveling Up

    After you've sealed Pride Rock for the second time, after beating that really annoying groundshaker and the big two faced wooden monkey on its back, and also after you've recieved the Gull Wing Keyblade, head back to Pride Rock and go through the King's Den and up to the Peak. From there you meet lots and lots of Rapid Thrusters. Now since the Gull Wing Keyblade's ability is EXPERIENCE boost, feel free to kill as much of them as you like. Once you've destroyed them all, go back down to the Kings Den then head back on up to the Peak area and BOOM!!! THEY"RE BACK!!! Do this for a while and your gonna be happy you saw this hint...and dont worry if it takes too long, because if you want that special prize for beating. Sephiroth your gonna need to be at a pretty high level, and once you do you're gonna realize it was ALL worth it.

  • PS2 | Submitted by superduelsit900

    Easy Win In Struggle

    Twilght Town

    If you want an easy win in the struggle battles you just have to hit your opponent three tims and run away untill the timer runs out.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Vermillion Owen Hawk

    Party List

    Beasts Castle-Beast
    Hollow Bastion[only for a while]-Yuffie,Leon,Tifa Cloud
    Space Paranoids-Tron
    Land of Dragons-Mulan or Ping
    Port Royal-Jack Sparrow
    Halloween Town-Jack Skellington
    The World That Never Was-Riku

  • PS2 | Submitted by Spencer Ausban

    Anti Form

    Anti Form is a hidden form that is caused by using your forms over and over. It is the only form that you dont want to go in. It also happens whether you like it or not. What it does is turn you into your shadow self. While in this form you cant use your party members, your attack and defense decreases, your speed increases, and it will take away all your drive meter once you change back. It can occur when you go into one of your forms. If you go into the form then you are fine, but if you turn into your shadow then you have abused the drive form and you are in the Anti Form.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Connor Star

    Easy Way To Beat Sephiroth

    Alright probably many of you have been wondering "how do i beat Spehiroth?"

    First off, you need the following skills:

    -All the ariel attacks (The attacks that expand your combos)
    -High Jump (You get High Jump when you turn lvl 4 for Valor)
    -The last chance thing (Sorry can't remember the name)
    -(OPTIONAL)Ground combo moves

    I wouldn't fight Sephiroth untill you are at least lvl 50.

    Alright now how to beat him...

    First off, when you first start the battle you must always remember that he does that special attack. When he does this press "triangle" to block. After you block Sephiroth will pause. At this moment you want to attack him. After you get a combo on him he fade into darkness and teleport. Right as he does this hit "Square" over and over again (Square is guard). Somtimes Sephiroth will still hit you. Occasionaly when you get hit you will fly into the air. Sephiroth will keep teleporting when your in the air. What you want to do when he does this is hit square over and over to make a combo. After you take down four or five health bars Sephiroth gets new moves. One of the moves is he summons a whole bunch of dark balls that surround you in a circle. When this happens you want to attack the balls (Still be aware of Sephiroth). The next move is Sephiroth raises a whole bunch of fire. During this time you just want to run away but be aware that the first pulls you in. The next move is the most deadly. Sephiroth will float in the air and turn pink. When he does this you must try to attack him as fast as you can or else you will die. You won't die unless you put on the last chance thing.

  • PS2 | Submitted by sorastrueheart

    Hidden Treasure Chest

    Twighlight Town Train Station

    When you become Sora and are leaving the station go onto the other side of the blue train on the tracks there will be a treasure box note. You cannot get it once you leave.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Kyonoodles

    Easy Leveling

    For this cheat you must first unlock Disney's Castle.

    After completing Land of Dragons, Beasts Castle, and Colusiem you'll unlock Disney's Castle. Once there you'll spawn in the castle's hanger.Chip and Dale will tell you that queen Mickey and the castle are in danger and tell you to follow the grass to the library.Save your game (save point to the left of where you start) and head up the staircase. Go to the door name "???" and it will lead you to the castle's garden.There, there will be many treasure chest around in the bushes.Collect all of them.( To check if you've found all of them open your journal and check treasure.To open your journal press start and go down to journal and press "x", you should have collected all but 1 chest.) After collecting the treasure chest make your way to the door along the edge. Once there you will be mobbed by tons of low level heartless. These heartless have very low health and are easy to kill, each of them gives 9 exp and since they dont stop spawning its infinite training. If you want you can go to the room all the way at the end of the corridor and find queen mickey.

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by Gummi Ship Master77

    Unlock Secret Model

    Assault of the Dreadnought/gummi ship level

    Here are the parts needed:

    *Drain gummi x1
    *Ultima gummi x1
    *Ability auto-life x1
    *Strong projectile gummis x?
    *Ability Cost Converter x1 or 2
    *Gummi blocks x?

    It can be hard to find the drain gummi, but the best spot to get it is Assault of the Dreadnought/gummi ship level (mission level 2).

    You should complete mission level 2 on rank E to 5+1.When you get all the partsand abilities in the list, go to mission level 3/same level. Be prepared of the last Heartless boss. Because he is your worst nightmare (even Moogle can't survive this level). When you see your Radar red, that means the enemy is coming.If you survive from the rest of the enemies (except for the last boss), then thats good. Because you hadn't used the auto-life. When the boss starts shooting at you normally, stop firing and let the energy charge. When the boss stops using its normal bullets, attack! Keep on doing the samething until it dies. Your gummi ship may be destroyed, but auto-life will recover you. when the boss is destroyed, if your lucky, you get 5+1 rank and you unlock the secret model. And thats the end of the level!

  • PS2 | Submitted by kingdomhearts1-2master

    Special Gummi Models

    Save points

    These are special models of gummi shipsyou can get by doing certain Gummi missions and getting S-ranked on them.
    Cactuar-Broken Highway mission 2
    Cait Sith-Sunlight Storm mission 2
    Chocobo-Ancient Highway mission 2
    Fenrir-Assault of the Dreadnought mission 2
    Highwind-Asteroid Sweep mission 2
    KIngdom-Asteroid Sweep mission 2
    Mandragora-Floating Island mission2
    Moogle-Splash Island mission 2
    Mushroom-Assault of the Dreadnought mission 1
    PuPu-Stardust Sweep mission 2
    Secret Model-Assault of the Dreadnought mission 3
    Tonberry-Phantom Storm mission 2

  • PS2 | Submitted by Sorax

    How to Unlock Sephiroth

    Hollow Bastian/Radiant Garden

    To unlock Sephiroth, you have to beat all of the worlds except for The World that Never Was. You must unlock all of the keyholes in all of the worlds before you can find Sephiroth. BUT before you go in the world you'll see places to go. Go to the Crystal Fissure. Then you need to equip these things if you want to fight him:

    2 hi potions
    2 elixirs
    2 ethers
    and the magic reflega.

    Then go to Great Maw, then to Dark Depths.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Moogle Man

    A Cactus For A Gummi Ship

    Gummi Ship level: Broken Highway

    Apperently you can get a cactus for a ship! Just get a rank of 5 in Broken Highway in Mission 2 & you'll get a cactus ship!

  • PS2 | Submitted by systemlordanubis01

    Nobody Guard and Nobody Lance

    The Nobody Guard is one of goofy's sheilds and can be found in Twilight Town in the tunnels. Go in there and fight everybody and eventually they will drop the Nobody Guard. The Nobody Lance - and this is my opinion - is found in twilight town in the tower. Just go to the room with all the Dragoons and keep fighting them. If they dont drop one exit the world and keep going there and fighting then eventually you will get it.

  • PS2 | Submitted by fearear

    Secret Ending

    There is a secret ending video at the end of the game on the following conditions:

    Complete all the worlds and Jiminy Journals in Standard Mode.
    Complete all of the worlds in Proud Mode.

  • PS2 | Submitted by BigRed

    Sora's Forms

    Valor form: Earned with Sora's new form from the three faries in Twilight Town Tower's Wardrobe. Sora uses TWO KEYBLADES instead of one, but can't use magic. In Valor form Sora gains expirience with every attack (good for most boss fights, and uses 3 drive points).

    Wisdom form: Earned after you complete The Timeless River and restore Disney Castle to peace. Sora gains the ability to shoot foes from afar with magic bullets. Magic abilities get ramped up. Wisdom ONLY gains expirience with every defeated heartless (3 drive points).

    Master Form: Earned when you reunite with King Mickey, Master Form combines the abilities of Valor and Wisdom, providing powerful two-Keyblade physical attacks with powerful magic!

    Final Form: Wields two keyblades, but has aerial manuevers.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Jon Thomas (D.A.)

    Fatal Crest & Ferrir Keyblades

    Under World; Olympus Coliseum & Crystal Fissure; Radiant Garden (Hollow Bastion)

    First you get the Fatal Crest Keyblade by beating all of the tournaments and all of Hade's Paradox cups. To get the Ferrir Keyblade you have to beat Sepheroth, a tip on beating him easier is to try as hard as you can to get your HP up to 200 or 150 at the least.

  • PS2 | Submitted by anonymous

    Unlockable Staff

    Defeat as many Dragoons as you can. One will eventulally drop the NOBODY LANCE, one of Donald's best weapons. The Dragoons can be found in Beast's Castle, Twilight Town, and The World That Never Was.

Kingdom Hearts II Easter Eggs

  • PS2 | Submitted by Key-Bearer

    Hidden Names

    You may have noticed this, but I think it's cool. Some names were recycled to make the names of 3 of the characters. There may be more!

    Roxas: Switch s and r, switch r and a, remove x
    Soxar -> Soxra -> Sora

    Xemnas: Move a to 1st slot, n to 2nd, s to 3rd, take out x
    Axemns -> Anxems -> Ansxem -> Ansem

    Yin Sed: swap d & y, then n & s, remove space
    Din Sey -> Dis Ney -> Disney

  • PS2 | Submitted by Edward Sergeant

    Skate Park

    Twilight Town

    If you want to put a twist of tony hawk's underground into the game, if you enter the train common, near the place your standing is a skate board. Get on it and go around to do some cool tricks. And if you really want to have fun, go on a high place like that shop with the old lady and jump, then keep pressing the trick keys. NOTE:(But if you leave the board in the path of the tram, and you go do somthing and then come back for it, and if it's not there, that means it got run over and you won't have for the whole time your still in the area.)

Kingdom Hearts II Glitches

  • PS2 | Submitted by Jeffrey Mathieu

    Drive Gauge Refill Glitch

    When drive gauge is low or empty go to the colisseum and enter any tournament, and then quit when the round begins. Once you exit the tournament the drive gauge will refill to the max.

    Another way is while in a drive form head to a save point before the drive gauge depletes and you revert back. Once arrived at the save point enter the world map and reenter any world and the drive gauge will return to the max.