King Oddball Hidden Moustache locations guide

There are two things that can be said about the titular main character of this puzzle game--he is a King, as evidenced by the gold crown balanced precariously on his disembodied noggin, and he is most definitely an Oddball, using his huge extendible tongue to throw rocks at endless waves of military personnel who are trying to stop his destructive rampage.

In keeping with this distinctly odd theme, there’s a set of collectibles in the form of hidden moustaches to track down, and finding all eight of them unlocks a Secret Moustache World full of new levels to challenge you. For a hint on how to get started, you can use the postcard icon that appears on the World Map early in the game to message one of your PSN friends, which then reveals the following instructions:

However, you don’t actually need to do this to start finding the collectibles, so if you’d rather not bother your gaming buddies with strange messages then head to page two for details on where to find every hidden moustache and complete the Stash of 'Stache.

Iain Wilson
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